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Fitness: Salma Hayek’s favorite exercise to lose weight and show off perfect buttocks in a bikini at 50

Recently, Salma Hayek left us all speechless for the spectacular way in which she celebrated having more than 25 million followers on Instagram, because for the occasion she wore a tiny bikini with which she showed off her slender and toned figure in her over 50s years. Which is the result of her healthy eating and her exercise routine.

Salma Hayek reveals the exercise she does to lose weight and tone her buttocks

The Veracruz actress shared a video on social networks in which she showed what her favorite sport is to lose weight and show off perfect buttocks, Salma appeared swimming in a tiny bikini with which she wore an impact figure at 56.

Slama Hayek practicing swimming. Photo: Instagram

What exercise can I do after 50 to show off perfect buttocks?

And it turns out that swimming is a full-body aerobic exercise that requires constant and continuous effort. This type of cardiovascular activity increases your heart rate and helps burn calories efficiently. When swimming, the main muscles of the body are activated, including those of the buttocks, which contributes to burning fat and losing weight, especially after 50.

Similarly, this discipline requires the body to be in an aligned and balanced position in the water. This encourages good posture and strengthens your back muscles, which in turn can help enhance and enhance the appearance of your buttocks. A good posture also makes the overall figure look more stylized.

Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek. Photo: Instagram


So it is recommended to perform this type of exercise like Salma Hayek three or four times a week to see noticeable results on the figure. However, remember that to make important changes to your physique or show off perfect buttocks, you have to start little by little and consult with a specialist on the subject who can guide us to design a tailor-made plan.

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