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FITNESS: Tone arms through the biceps curl with a band (without going to the gym)


resistance bands they are a secret weapon when it comes to building muscle. In addition to being affordable and easy to transport, they can improve athletic performance, power, and overall strength. In addition, they are versatile and suitable for training almost all muscle groups. Just what the bicep curl does.

Unlike dumbbells, which rely on gravity to work your muscles, resistance bands use constant tension to create micro-tears in your muscle fibers. An added benefit of resistance band training is the

core stabilization. To maintain tension, balance, and control, your abs contract. In this way, training with resistance bands improves things: in addition to working the desired muscle, you get an additional core workout.

Banded bicep curls are great for

strengthen and tone arms. Grab a light to medium resistance band and loop it under the soles of your feet. Then flip the hands over so they are parallel to the floor and the palms remain facing away from the body.

How to perform band bicep curls

Hold the handles of the resistance band keeping your

elbows close to ribs. You should feel some tension in the band. Squeeze your core as you slowly raise your forearms toward your shoulders. Maintain tension as you slowly lower your forearms back to the starting position. Do 10 repetitions.

Using a resistance band maintains a constant tension on your biceps muscles, which means they get no rest between repetitions. This movement

strengthens the biceps muscles in the concentric part of the repetition, as well as in the eccentric part. Throughout the entire set, your abs are also working to stabilize you and perform the movement with proper form.

Common mistakes

Resistance bands can be dangerous if not used correctly, so be aware

be careful not to loosen the band during the movement. It can contract and hit your body. Also, don’t overstretch the band. If it is pulled tight, by too much pressure, the band can break and hurt you.

Another mistake is to use momentum to lift your hands up or extend your elbows out. Involves

your core throughout the movement and keep your chest up as you focus on performing each repetition in a slow and controlled manner. Keep your elbows tucked into the sides of your body and make sure the band is always under the arch of the soles of your feet. This will prevent it from coming off and hitting your body.

alternate arms

Whether you’re new to bands or bicep curls,

it is important that you be patient. Start with the modified version and work your way up to the full exercise. To get the benefits of the band curl, the biceps must be lengthened and contracted. Instead of folding both arms together, try folding one arm at a time.

Woman training arms. /PEXELS

You can switch sides between reps or perform a full set on one side before switching. With practice, alternating sides will become manageable and you can try to perform the

full movement with both arms together. This resistance band routine will work your entire body in 15 minutes.

Two variants of the biceps curl

How about looking for a couple of variations of the biceps curl to improve your technique? For example, him

air curl. Without a resistance band anymore, stand tall and squeeze your core. Bring your elbows in toward your body and lift your forearms up to your shoulders, wrists up as you would in a weighted bicep curl. Think about contracting the muscle the entire time as you slowly lower your forearms back to the starting position. Do 10 repetitions.

And then you have the

elbow circles. Stand tall and engage your core. Place your hands on your shoulders with your elbows out to the sides, parallel to the ground. Circle your arms and shoulders back and forth 10 times each way. Repeat for a few more sets to increase shoulder mobility.

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