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“For better health, you have to train strength and gain muscle”

C.Every day there are more people interested in having a healthy lifestyle. What until not long ago was thought to be only within the reach of athletes, today anyone can put it into practice with simple habits and without a high degree of difficulty. Marcos Vázquez (Avilés, Asturias, 1976) He has been accompanying and transforming the lives of many people for more than 10 years with his ‘Revolutionary Fitness’ that outlines in MARCA.

Some fashions that we see more frequently today, such as the intermittent fasting, exposure to cold or walking barefootMarcos already spoke of them in the 2011 When did you decide to start your fitness adventure. “I have always been interested in the subject of health, but professionally I dedicated myself to something else because I’m actually an engineer. Working in a consultancy, I was involved at a level amateur in the world of fitness, nutrition, training and many people asked me to give them a hand. Created the ‘Revolutionary Fitness’ blog and I began to realize that there was a lot of interest. Then it coincided that we sold the company where I was a partner, a series of circumstances arose and I decided focus 100% on what I was passionate about what was the world of fitness and health”, introduces Mark Vazquez.

From that moment on came the ‘boom’, with spectacular growth that Marcos Vázquez explains in this way: “I was one of the first to start supporting any claim. I had that responsibility due to the fact that I was not a nutritionist or health professional, what I am saying is not just because they told me about it in a race, but because this is what the scientific evidence says. I think that combination of evolutionary logic, based on evidence, but in some cases clashing with traditional beliefs, made a lot of people pay attention to me.”

That look “from outside and fresher” de Marcos has allowed him to create a great community that follows his recommendations and, above all, sees his results when putting them into practice. That dream of a healthy lifestyle, for Marcos, has four fundamental keys: “Rest, nutrition, physical activity and that aspect that we tend to ignore, which is social connection, because the quality of our personal relationships greatly influences not only the health but also in the frame of mind to enjoy that health”.

The keys to a healthy lifestyle are rest, nutrition, physical activity and that aspect that we tend to ignore: social connection.

Nutrition and strength training

The Asturian reels off the topic of nutrition and gives some tips to bring them up to date. “There are two main rules, the first is to base your diet on real food, on fresh, minimally processed foods. The further a food is from its natural state, the worse it will be, as a general rule, although everything has exceptions. Then, if we eat a little more or less vegetables, a little more or less fish, you will have covered 90% of a good diet. The second aspect is to adjust the intake to what you need, partly it is a condition of the first, if you eat real food you will be satisfied with less food, but I like this idea of ​​’Hara hachi bu’ which is a Japanese term, 80% refers to the stomachfinish satiated but not full”.

Another revolutionary aspect is strength training, something that Marcos considers vital: “Always aerobic training has been glorified, Eye that is very good, but it seemed that the heart was the only muscle that mattered. There is evidence that our strength and muscle mass are very good indicators of healthIn fact, your grip strength and your muscle mass are better indicators of mortality risk than blood pressure or cholesterol, however, it is not something that the doctor looks at. That’s why we have to do that strength and muscle training. It is very important that strength and that muscle because it is not a contractile tissue but rather a full-fledged endocrine organ, which secretes a bunch of beneficial compounds called myokines that benefit both the brain and the heart.

To carry out this strength training, the creator of the blog ‘Revolutionary Fitness’ points out that “there are many people who imagine that strength training is going to the gym’s iron area and moving a lot of kilos, that’s fine but it’s not just like that. My first show was called ‘Unchained’, And people were very surprised because it taught them that you can work the whole body with basic exercises like push-ups, squats, lunges or pull-ups. All you have to do is scale it, to different levels, and you progress. You apply this to the rest of the exercises that you need to train all your large muscle groups and you have a workout that you can do at home, at the hotel or on the beach. What we call calinestia or training with your own body is a great tool”.

The book ‘Undefeated’ that changed athletes

The mentality is a key factor, both to start with a training plan, and then to maintain it over time. Observing this led Marcos Vázquez to write the book ‘Undefeated’which has been very successful among athletes.

Many First Division footballers have written to me that they have found in the book a way to face combat and the daily struggle that being in the elite of any sport entails.

Any external change requires an internal change first.. This book combines the stoic philosophy with modern psychology. There are many things in the book, but the first step would be to work on the motivations. Many people fail because they set their sights on something that doesn’t really move them. We try to change everything at once and that doesn’t work either, we have to go step by step, think big but start small. Basically, it is about setting specific objectives, understanding what your why is, taking small steps, and then trying to change the environment, because the environment greatly conditions what we do,” he details.

‘Undefeated’ not only captivated, for example, PSG coach Luis Enrique, but also to many footballers and athletes who have it as their bedside book. “Many First division soccer players They have written to me that they have found in the book a way to face the combat and the daily struggle that being in the elite of any sport entails and, also, in the world of finance, investors, if you think about it, the rules of change and of The improvement is universal, whether we apply it for a diet, a training plan or for a professional career in the world of sport”.

Marcos is not only a Passionate about fitness and health but also about sport“I really like soccer, more than before, because I play it every week in my city and because I have a lot of relationships with well-known athletes and soccer players, I like to know what each one is up to, I follow them and watch their matches to follow their professional careers, although I also continue tennis or formula 1“.

Finally, Vázquez shares one of his next projects that he is working on: “Right now I am more focused on the next book, there is a theme that I also like a lot, What is the issue of longevity? understood how to age well and be able to continue doing the things I like for many years to come”. On his blog, on Youtube, on Instagram or on Spotify you can find any tool to learn with ‘Revolutionary Fitness’, just like the different programs that you can find on their website. Undoubtedly, a trajectory that has come a long way in time and with more than proven successes.

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