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From party girl to biohacking queen: Hollyoaks star Davinia Taylor on swapping wild nights for wellness


avinia Taylor — former Hollyoaks actress and Primrose Hill party girl turned bestselling author and supplement founder — is sitting in a wellness clinic in Chelsea, talking me through the lifestyle changes that helped to turn her from hedonist alcoholic to clean-living wellness guru: going teetotal, dawn ice baths and runs in Hyde Park and — the reason we’re here today — daily biohacking, a practice that involves making small changes to your lifestyle to ‘boost’ your biology for improved health.

“It’s like a line of cocaine,” Taylor, now 45 and a mother-of-four, tells me of the high she now chases: the health kick, after years spent battling alcoholism and overeating. The soap opera star was a regular in the tabloids back in the noughties, known for getting hammered with Kate Moss and Sadie Frost and famously buying Noel Gallagher‘s Supernova Heights house in 2005.

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