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Taking care of our feline fur babies

AUSTIN (KXAN) — KXAN spoke with an expert on tips you need to know so that your cats/kittens withstand this current heatwave gripping Central Texas. Our guest is Halle Hamilton, Cat Adoption Manager with Austin Pets Alive.

First, she suggests that outdoor cats should have cool places in shady areas in which to retreat. Freeze water bottles under blankets are a good source of cooling but make sure the feline is not lying directly on the frozen bottle itself.

Have more deep water dishes with cool water for them to lap up. It is okay to drop ice cubes in the water to keep it cooler but remember that those cubes will melt and the water temperature will increase. Keep those water dishes in the same shady area where the cat would be prone to seek shelter.

She says to not hose or spray down a cat. They don’t like it. Their fur acts as insulation.

We asked her what signs to look for if a cat/kitten owner has concerns about the feline’s health. Halle says they may be lethargic if they are laying on their side, labored breathing and/or if their gums are the normal pink color. This could be a sign of heat stroke so they must be brought indoors. Call your veterinarian if you have any concerns.

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