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Get fit this summer

If you have decided to get on this incredible running adventure, I can only tell you that you will be in top shape not only physically, but also mentally.

Tips to start running

Don’t stop to think, run

Stop spinning. The best way to start is to lace up your running shoes and run. Over and over again, until it becomes a habit. At first, without setting yourself pace or distance goals. Limit yourself to running for as long as you set your mind to. Make sure it is realistic and fits your state of health and fitness. If both are good, you can start with 20 minutes three days a week, then move to three to four days, then extend the run to 25 minutes… and so on.

check your health

Whatever the reason that leads you to run is totally valid, but you also have to know if our body is sufficiently prepared for it. You don’t have to complete a marathon like that first, because it’s totally impossible if you don’t want to die along the way, but there are people who aren’t in perfect shape to exercise. Doing a complete checkup with a stress test included is the key. It is also necessary to rule out chronic fatigue and learn to overcome it if necessary.

Choose your shoes well

Shoes are the fundamental piece of equipment for a runnerand it is not for less, because your performance will depend to a large extent on them when carrying out this exercise.

be constant

Do not look for miracle workouts, or plans that promise you to run without fatigue in less than two weeks. The reality is that success depends on a high percentage of perseverance and persistence. Without these, it is practically impossible to make progress in training.

Disconnect, it’s your moment

Take the time to train as your time of day. A moment that is for you and no one else, far from routines, problems and ties. This will increase your motivation and will make you reach that moment of the day with a lot of desire to overcome the training.

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