“God Rest Her Soul”: Weeks After 21-YO Fitness Influencer’s Tragic Death, Bodybuilding Community Gets Together With IFBB Pro to Weigh In on Sustainable Weight-Loss Methods

The intense struggle for weight loss has become an obsession for many fitness enthusiasts in recent years. However, The desire to shed excess pounds in rapid time has led to drastic measures and unfortunate consequences. A recent incident involving the death of a 21-year-old fitness influencer on June 13 has shed light on the dangers of this obsession. Many experts from the fitness community including the renowned fitness enthusiast Greg Douchette, have come forward to address this issue. 

The unfortunate demise of the young fitness influencer has served as a wake-up call for many individuals. And the 47-year-old fitness expert openly addressed the dark side of the incident. 

Greg Douchette highlighted the lessons from the tragedy


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Greg Douchette recently posted a video discussing the tragic incident. In his video, he emphasized that the obsession with losing massive amounts of weight in a short period was the primary reason for the young woman’s demise. He did not shy away from holding common people accountable for their role in appreciating and promoting this unhealthy approach to weight loss. He said, “People want the quick fix they always want to see the person lose all the weight in a matter of months”. 

He also made shocking revelations about the young fitness influencer’s weight loss journey. He revealed that she had lost a staggering 63 pounds in just 60 days, averaging over 1 pound of weight loss per day. This rapid rate of weight loss accounted for approximately 20% of her total body fat. Douchette unequivocally stated that such an approach was far from healthy.

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Douchette also shed light on another concerning aspect of  The use of external performance-enhancing drugs to achieve rapid weight loss. He mentioned substances like DNT which are known for their ability to accelerate metabolism for fat loss. However, he highlighted that these drugs have significant risks and can have severe consequences on individual health 

United Fans expressed their emotions


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Douchette’s video created a buzz across social media as it resonated with the fitness community. Fans flooded the comment section expressing their agreement and sadness over the tragic incident. “So sad, man I feel for her.”, a fan wrote. 

Many individuals shared their own experiences and voiced their concerns about the dangers of extreme weight loss practices. “It sucks that she passed away I started at 430 and got to 260 and it took me 2yrs I can’t imagine going through all that in a few months that sounds brutal,” a fan wrote. “Some people die trying to lose weight and others die bc they won’t lose the weight”, another fan added. 


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Fans also applauded Douchette for raising awareness and promoting a more balanced and patient approach to fitness. A fan commented,You speak facts, Greg”. The comment section was filled with comments like “god rest her soul”. Overall the incident was a stark reminder of the dangers of obsessively pursuing rapid weight loss. Douchette’s video highlighted the importance of patience and adopting healthier measures toward a more sustainable lifestyle

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