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Harvard reveals the exercise you have to do to improve your health

Harvard reveals the exercise you have to do to improve your healthPixabay

The Harvard University highlights the Tai Chi as an exercise that, although it develops smoothly and slowly, incorporates the fundamental elements ofphysical exercise: endurance, flexibility, balance and, to a lesser extent, aerobic conditioning.


Primarily, it is important to stress that tai chi is a exercise low impactthat is, those exercises that gradually increase the heart rate and put less stress on joints compared to high-impact exercises like running or playing tennis.

Tai Chi: an excellent exercise for optimal health

It is made up of fluid movements that promote joint flexibility, while contributing to fat burning, strengthening of the cardiovascular system, increase of resistance and aerobic capacity. In addition, the experts from this university highlight other significant benefits of this sport.

The benefits of tai chi

muscle strength

Tai chi improves strength in both the upper and lower body. If practiced regularly, the benefits are comparable to resistance exercise or brisk walking. Despite not using any equipment such as weights or resistance bands, it is extremely efficient at strengthening the body structure and improving posture.


This exercise favors the elongation of muscles and tendons, improving flexibility.


Precise movements promote excellent coordination, improve balance, and can help reduce the risk of falls. The ability to perceive the position of the body in space decreases with age, and tai chi helps train the body to counteract this phenomenon, as well as to reduce the fear of falling, which paradoxically increases the probability of falling.

A woman practicing Yoga.

aerobic conditioning

Depending on the speed of the movements, tai chi can provide some aerobic benefits. In this way, the slow, deep and regular breathing that accompanies the movements of this sport is ideal for improving lung capacity.

tai chi against stress

In addition, tai chi is a highly effective discipline for relieve stress. Its practice requires a high concentration that, together with the breathing exercisesis perfect for establishing a connection between mind and bodyreduce stress and promote emotional balance.

Introduction to Tai Chi

To maintain good health, there is no other secret than performing exercise regularlycombined with a healthy nutrition and balanced and proper rest. In terms of physical activity, there are many ways to exercise, from aerobic or anaerobic workouts to more serene ones like yoga.

The exercise you can do for a lifetime

According to the Harvard University, There is a particularly beneficial sport discipline that allows you to stay in shape with little effort and can be practiced throughout your life. That discipline is tai chi, an activity that originated in China as a martial art and offers numerous health benefits.

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