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High intensity training in the pool: combine cardio and strength

SIt has always been said that swimming is the most complete sport of alland it is not a lie: swimming works all the muscles of the body, which leads to weight loss. In this hot season we recommend you put on your swimsuit and dare to do a circuit to do in the pool and burn fat.

To burn fat in a very short training time, we can create a circuit with different exercises.

Thus, we propose to carry out the following movements:

  • Knees to chest underwater alternately.
  • tuck jump which is a jump that consists of raising both legs together bringing both knees to the chest with each jump.
  • Running or race underwater for which we not only suggest making an energetic movement of the legs trying to always support the feet on the ground, but also accompanying it with an intense arm movement to work more muscles of the body and thus burn calories.
  • jumping jacks which is the traditional children’s jump that consists of separating legs and arms at the same time, raising the latter above the head.
  • Pushups placing ourselves in front of the edge of the pool, standing up, and throwing ourselves onto it to perform some inclined push-ups and then, with the impulse of the push-up, return to standing up, without touching the edge.

With these five exercises we will work the abs, legs, back, arms and buttocks while burning fat. We can perform this circuit for time, devoting one minute to each movement during which we should try to perform as many repetitions as possible before going on to a short rest of 10 to 30 seconds and then starting another exercise for one minute.

In this way, we can perform the circuit two or three times, always trying to execute the highest number of repetitions of each exercise during the 1-minute intervals.

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