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Larry Wheels is a freak in all aspects, but he has a particularly strong grip now that he has been arm wrestling for three years. However, even he could not outperform the “old man strength” phenomenon. Still, there is more to the story than that, as the guy Larry Wheels went against in grip strength was none other than the legendary 73-year-old Strongman Odd Haugen. While Odd does not specialize in arm wrestling, his grip strength is out of this world. So, Larry and Odd partnered up for a grip training session with a few custom implements.

Odd Haugen is a very big name in the Strongman world, but his grip strength is still unfathomable. He is nicknamed “The Visegrip Viking” for his remarkable abilities, which have only gotten better as he aged. So, even a superhuman athlete like Larry Wheels could not match Odd’s grip strength, despite being decades younger than him.

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Larry Wheels Takes On Odd Haugen’s Grip

Larry Wheel first revealed what the concept of the videos is and initiated a short conversation with Odd Haugen. He then revealed that the 73-year-old Norwegian man has been training for the past six decades. However, he only focused on grip training when he retired from Strongman.

Test One — Saxon Bar Deadlift

The pair then began their first exercise, and it was the Saxon Bar deadlift. This barbell is made to look like a block, so it is impossible to pick it up in any other way except with a pinch grip. Although both men have previously done this exercise, Odd is much more experienced, which is why he gave Larry some tips.

Larry Wheels ended up lifting 120 kilograms (264.5 pounds), heavier than ever before. He then attempted to lift 125 kilograms (275.5 pounds), but the bar slipped from his hands before he managed to pick it up. So, that was his grip strength limit on this exercise. On the other hand, Odd Haugen lifted 125 kilograms (275.5 pounds), but could not go heavier.

“That inspires me, because there is going to be a point in my career when I say, okay, no longer do I feel like a Superhero, I have to pivot… I love two things, arm wrestling and grip training, and I can do that in my 70s,” stated Larry.

Test Two — Circus Dumbbell

The second grip test of the day was the Circus Dumbbell, which often appears in Strongman competitions. However, the Strongmen use two hands to pick up the dumbbell to their shoulder and overhead press it. Instead, Odd Haugen and Larry Wheels tried to pick up an 81.7-kilogram (180-pound) Circus Dumbbell with one arm.

“Last time I was here, Martins (Licis) and I tried it. I was able to do it, Martins was not… Even Brian Shaw tried it and he couldn’t do it,” said Haugen before they commenced the exercise.

Larry Wheels first tried to pick up a 78-kilogram (172-pound) Thomas Inch Dumbbell, but was not able to do it. It was not the case that it was too heavy, but the 2 ⅜” handle was too much for his grip strength. On the other hand, Odd easily picked it up.

Consequently, Larry Wheels was also unable to pick up an even heavier Circus Dumbbell with a thicker handle. However, the 3-inch handle did not stop Odd Haugen who once again displayed his mind blowing grip strength.

“What a Man. Incredible,” said a visibly impressed Larry Wheels.

Test Three — Rollin Thunder

The final test of the grip challenge was the Rolling Thunder. This is basically an attachment for a plated loaded platform. So, with a thick and rolling handle, this piece of equipment is a true challenge for anyone.

For reference, many incredible Strongman athletes like Martins Licis, and arm wrestling athletes like Ermes and Vitaly Laletin, attempted this exercise, and they all lingered around 90 to 100 kilograms (198.4 to 220.5 pounds). Despite this, a 73-year-old Odd Haugen lifted 90 kilograms (198.4 pounds) with both arms consecutively. He could have gone heavier, but chose to stop.

Larry Wheels wanted to try out Odd Haugen in arm wrestling. Due to better technique and experience in the sport, Larry outperformed Odd, but did not push the limits in order to avoid injuries.

“He had me beat on every move we did today. I think the longer we went on, the weaker I was going to get. It was really cool to witness that. Honestly, blown away. Huge inspiration for the next generation to see that you can be 73-years-old and stronger than a World Record powerlifter,” said Larry to wrap up the YouTube video.

Watch the video here:

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It was incredible to see a man stepping into his eighth decade of life outperform one of the strongest people alive. So, Odd Haugen once again proved that anything is possible, as he has done many times throughout his Strongman career. This also cements his status as an iconic athlete, especially since it takes a lot to impress Larry Wheels.

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