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Learn how to make your walking workout effective with these expert-suggested tips. Walking boosts several health benefits from reducing your blood pressure to improving your mood to aid you in shedding weight, it has a lot to it!

Never believe anything else: Walking is an excellent form of exercise to boost your health and fitness levels. People who walk regularly might find placing one foot after another too simple and ineffective. But when you do it regularly, it can have long-term health benefits. If simply walking may seem boring to you, here’s how to make walking fun!

Experts usually recommend people to walk for at least 30 minutes or 8000-10,000 steps in a day to see visible results in fitness. If made a regular habit, walking can help to control blood pressure levels, blood sugar levels and weight, while strengthening your muscles and bones. Walking can also help to boost your mood and improve creativity.

But if you have been wondering how to make walking less boring and are fishing for some ways to mix it up, we have you covered! Before you go ahead to lace up your sneakers and walk out of the door the next time, try these tips to make your walking workout more fun and effective!

Health Shots got in touch with Dr Shuchin Bajaj, Founder-Director, of Ujala Cygnus Group of Hospitals, to understand how to make your walk effective and fun.

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Tips to make walking fun

Walking is an effective way to stay active and enhance your overall well-being. To get the maximum out of your walking routine, consider the following tips.

1. Set clear goals

“Determine what you want to achieve with your walking. It could be increasing your daily step count, improving cardiovascular fitness, losing weight, or simply enjoying some time outdoors. Setting clear and specific goals will aid you in staying motivated and focused,” says the expert.

2. Find the right pace

Walk at a pace that challenges you, but is still comfortable. Aim for a brisk walk where you can maintain a conversation without feeling out of breath. Gradually, increase your pace over time as your fitness level improves.

3. Vary your routes

“Exploring your way through various routes keeps your walks interesting and keeps away boredom. Try walking in parks, urban areas, nature trails, or even a treadmill if the weather is unfavourable. Incorporate hills or inclines for added intensity,” says the expert.

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4. Pay attention to form

Maintain good posture while walking. Keep your head up, shoulders back, and relax your arms. Engage your core muscles for stability. You may also try heel landing and rolling through your foot to take off with your toes. A proper form reduces strain and improves efficiency.

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5. Track your progress

Use a pedometer, fitness tracker or smartphone app to monitor your steps, distance and pace. Tracking your progress allows you to set new targets, compete with yourself and stay motivated, says the expert.

6. Incorporate intervals and challenges

To make your walking routine more engaging and challenging, include intervals of higher intensity. For example, alternate between a brisk walk and a faster-paced walk or short bursts of jogging. You can also set challenges like aiming to reach a certain number of steps or walking a specific distance within a set time.

7. Walk with a buddy or join a group

Walking with a friend, or family member, or joining a walking group adds social interaction and can make your walks more enjoyable. Alongside this, it also keeps you accountable and motivated.

8. Add music

If walking in silence is not your kind of thing, put on your earphones or earbuds and let the music play! It can add a spring in your step as you walk your way to fitness!

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