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Sleep like a baby: How to use essential oils for sleep

Sleep like a baby: How to use essential oils for sleep | Photo Credits: Pexels

New Delhi: In today’s fast-paced world, achieving a good night’s sleep can be a challenge. However, the soothing influence of aromatherapy offers a solution for relaxation and restful slumber. In this article, find how to craft your own DIY aromatherapy blends using essential oils, designed to enhance your sleep experience. Say farewell to restless nights and welcome rejuvenating sleep!

Choosing the Right Essential Oils

Before you begin creating your aromatherapy blend, it’s crucial to select the appropriate essential oils known for their sleep-inducing properties. Popular options include lavender, chamomile, cedarwood, and bergamot. Each of these oils possesses unique soothing qualities to aid in relaxation and sleep.

Basic Sleep-Enhancing Blend


Lavender: 6 drops
Chamomile: 4 drops
Cedarwood: 2 drops
Combine these essential oils in a small, dark glass bottle. This basic blend offers versatility, as it can be used in a diffuser, added to a warm bath, or diluted in a carrier oil for a calming pre-bedtime massage.

DIY Sleep Spray

Create a sleep-inducing spray to lightly mist your bedding and room before sleep.


Lavender: 10 drops
Bergamot: 5 drops
Distilled water: 2 ounces

Mix the essential oils with distilled water in a spray bottle. Remember to shake well before each use and spritz your pillows and room for a tranquil atmosphere.

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Relaxing Bath Blend

Relax and unwind with a soothing bath by adding this blend to your tub.


Chamomile: 4 drops
Lavender: 4 drops
Epsom salt: 1/2 cup

Mix the essential oils with Epsom salt before adding it to a warm bath. Soak for at least 20 minutes to fully enjoy the benefits.

Aromatherapy offers a natural and effective way to enhance your sleep quality. By crafting your personalised DIY aromatherapy blends using essential oils, you can customise your sleep-inducing scent according to your preferences. Experiment with various combinations until you discover the one that effortlessly guides you into a peaceful slumber. With the right blend, you’ll awaken feeling refreshed and prepared to conquer each day, one restful night at a time.

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