“I Would Risk It”: Despite Influencers’ Nail-Biting Heavyweight Stunt, Fitness World Reveals Enthusiasm

Gym challenges are common on social media, and fitness enthusiasts come up with crazy stunts to show their strength. If the act looks fun, gym-goers may follow suit, making it a trend. FRANK, an athlete and fitness influencer with 266K followers on Instagram, shared a video of him doing a risky stunt.

The fitness community found the video quite interesting. Now, his fans want to give it a try, regardless of the risk. They have posted their thoughts in the comment box of the post.

Fans react to FRANK 5 Kg ball challenge


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The athlete partnered with another fitness trainer to pull off a deadly challenge. They were seen throwing a 5 KG ball in the air and doing a push-up before catching it back. The thought of the ball smashing the head, if not being mindful for a fraction of a second, made it look challenging. However, the duo proceeded with the stunt.

The woman in a pink gym suit tried it only once in the video. She failed to catch the ball as it landed just next to her. Now it was FRANK’s turn. He threw the ball with all force and did a push-up but he, too, was unable to catch it. So he just moved away as the ball landed with great speed to not get hit.

He did the stunt for the second time, and for the third time, he missed it by a fraction of a second. He continued multiple times before finally being able to catch the ball. As the ball gripped in his hands after the flight in the air, the fitness enthusiast was visibly happy. “This was soooooooo much harder than it looks fun to film tho,” he captioned the post. He praised his partner by tagging her and wrote, “@kariilondon did well equally.” Fans have now reacted to the video.

@kariilondon, the woman in the video, expressed her thoughts, “This was too scary! Imagine a 5kg ball coming down on your head!” Another fan commented, “This is so cool, I’d break my nose trying this.” 


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The video reignited a user’s wish who wrote, “Tried this once with 12kg I’ll try again” A fan was interested in the stunt despite the risk, “I would risk it though.” While an enthusiastic commenter typed, “I see a challenge!!”

Though the fitness world is fascinated with this video, they don’t encourage extremely dangerous and irrational stunt videos. They openly criticize gym-goers who risk life just for likes! But what are your views on FRANK’s stunt? Let us know in the comments.


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