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I write daily about fitness and these are the accounts I always learn from to get in shape

When you see their bodies, you will not believe that what most attracts their attention is their kind message. And it’s real. They have managed to sculpt their body with work, but what they are most proud of is not their appearance, but their fitness. In their profiles they promulgate a healthy lifestyle that starts from physical exercise, but adds concepts of diet, lifestyle tips, guidelines to evolve in training and messages body positive. Yes, you read it right. Although his muscles are the most striking part of his body, they also have stretch marks. They teach them and demonstrate how much damage it can cause to submit training to the culture of the image, leaving health behind.

These are my four reference fitness accounts that I always consult when I want to improve my training, when I am looking for inspiration for a topic or when I need to find variations to introduce in my exercises. Also when I need a plus of motivation (one of his great specialties) or when I fall into the comparative trap and need to reaffirm the idea that dances in the background saying: “You are unique and you need to accept yourself. Be kind to yourself.”

hayley madigan

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The former bodybuilder realized that her relationship with her body was not healthy and decided change competition for disclosure of fitness. In his account, you can still find reports of deceptive advertising, such as videos dismantling tips on diet and exercise that you have believed for years. Now she trains to feel stronger, healthier and happier and together with her partner she does the most fun challenges when she doesn’t teach you functional exercises with weights, the best ones to take care of your muscle mass. And, without fear, it shows its stretch marks to show the posturing of the networks.

Crys Dyaz

Since I interviewed her for TELVA, her speech as a sports professional hit me deeply. Her approach to her workouts has led her to popularize a own method that triumphs among celebrities and professionals. One of the strengths of Crys Dyaz & Co is the specialization in exercises during the pregnancy, making it clear that strength training is essential in all the stages that a woman can live. Although she also uses a lot of supplements, I find her ideas for bodyweight work fun and innovative. A constant source of inspiration.

sophia rose

It is probably the profile with a more stereotyped aesthetic, but behind that impossible body there is a motivational speech accompanied by a long list of exercises. I like and inspire a lot series and super series that you do with weights, the versatility that he shows in the use of accessories and the agility that demonstrates a dedication as exhaustive as his to fitness. He makes the difficult seem accessible to anyone and when you start to imitate his exercises you realize that your physical condition can always be put to an even more demanding test. The best account for when you fall into everyday life with your workouts.

lara ibarra

As a dietitian, in addition to great tips to improve training, in her account you will be able to find healthy recipes and tips to introduce in your kitchen that improve your sports performance as well as a change in lifestyle towards a healthy lifestyle. As an extra, add humorous videos in which she parodies herself into “problems with being short at the gym”. This way of landing her physical characteristics together with the image of her ultra-toned woman gives a very natural air to her profile, making her “imperfections” a model to be highlighted (and to follow).

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