Igniting a Global Fitness Movement: HDOR’s Pioneering Virtual Challenges

New Delhi, 21st June 2023– Since its inception in 2015, HDOR (Highway Delite Online Race) has revolutionized the way fitness challenges are organized and experienced through its industry-leading virtual race platform. With a commitment to innovation and exceptional user experience, HDOR has established itself as a pioneer in the virtual racing industry.

HDOR’s platform offers automatic activity data import capabilities from popular fitness apps, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This seamless integration makes it easier than ever for participants to track and log their progress, creating a more immersive and accessible virtual racing experience. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or a cycling enthusiast, HDOR caters to different preferences and skill levels with its diverse range of events.

Among HDOR’s flagship events, the ”100 Days of Running” and ”Tour De 100” stand out as shining examples of its commitment to fostering a global community of fitness enthusiasts. The ”100 Days of Running” event has attracted over 2,75,000 participants from around the world, symbolizing dedication, perseverance, and personal growth. Participants challenge themselves to complete a run every day for 100 consecutive days, pushing their limits and embracing an active lifestyle.

”HDOR has always been dedicated to transforming the fitness landscape by providing innovative virtual racing experiences. Our globally acclaimed events like the ‘100 Days of Running’ and ‘Tour De 100’ have not only inspired thousands of participants worldwide but have also created a strong sense of community and personal growth. We are thrilled to witness the remarkable achievements of our participants and look forward to pushing the boundaries of virtual fitness challenges even further.” – Mayank Gupta, Co-Founder, HDOR Virtual Events.

The ”Tour De 100” is HDOR’s globally acclaimed 100-day virtual cycling event. This unique challenge allows cyclists to ride where and when they want, connecting them with thousands of like-minded riders worldwide. With five stages spanning 20 days each, the Tour De 100 offers challenges suitable for all levels of expertise. Participants earn points as they complete each challenge, competing with cyclists from every corner of the world. On the 100th day, participants are recognized with appropriate finisher medals, serving as a tangible proof of their triumph.

What sets the Tour De 100 apart is the freedom it offers. Cyclists can ride at their convenience, enjoying the joy and exhilaration that cycling brings. Unlike other sports, cycling engages all key muscle groups while providing a sense of freedom and an adrenaline rush. HDOR has integrated with leading cycling apps like Strava, Map My Ride, Apple Health, and Google Fit, allowing cyclists to easily submit their ride data on the website or app. This integration enables participants to track and compare their performance with fellow participants, adding a competitive edge to their journey.

Over the years, HDOR’s virtual challenges have had a remarkable impact, with participants collectively covering a distance of over 140 million kilometers, equivalent to circling the Sun three times. This achievement reflects the dedication and passion of participants who have embraced HDOR’s virtual events to stay active, motivated, and connected. The platform’s global reach extends to participants from over 75 countries, fostering cultural exchange and a sense of unity among individuals striving to achieve their fitness goals.

With its unwavering commitment to innovation, exceptional user experience, and a growing community of participants, HDOR continues to inspire individuals to push their boundaries, achieve their fitness goals, and embrace a healthy and active lifestyle. As HDOR evolves and expands, the future looks incredibly promising for this trailblazing platform in the realm of virtual fitness challenges.

To elevate your cycling prowess and experience the thrill of the Tour De 100, register today on and let this exceptional virtual cycling event take your journey to new heights.

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