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Fall is the perfect time to take a walk outdoors. (PxHere)

In my previous position as fitness trainer at Brittany Pointe, I heard the following often: “I can’t possibly find time to exercise. I’m much too busy.”

Fitness, especially in one’s golden years, is paramount. So, I attempted to fix this recurring problem. I put together an exercise routine to cater to those on the go.

During the course of a busy day, it should be possible to squeeze in these exercises so that, by day’s end, you have done a decent workout, all in the spare time that you did not think that you had.

There are many ways to insert exercise into your life. One is to make your commutes count. Anytime you have to get from point A to point B, it is a commute. Take the long way to wherever you are going.

If you are heading to the bathroom, walk around the dining room first. If you are heading upstairs, do those stairs twice. Driving? Make sure to park farther away from your destination than usual. If you are shopping, walk down each aisle rather than just to the aisle you need. The steps add up.

While watching TV, keep a set of dumbbells next to your chair. During commercials, do some simple exercises: arm curls, overhead presses, arm extensions, knee lifts, wrist curls are all examples of great exercises.

You could get in at least one 12-repetition set during each commercial break. By the end of your show, you will have had a decent workout. Another great exercise to strengthen thigh muscles is the stand/sit. Simply stand up then sit down 10 times.

One of the greatest cardio workouts ever invented is also the easiest to perform — walking. It’s free, it can be very pleasant and it is always beneficial.

Fall has arrived with all its colorful splendor, so take advantage and enjoy a walk outside. This is the perfect time of year to enjoy the outdoors! The sounds, the smells, the feel of autumn, coupled with the crispness in the air, make for a peaceful and relaxing outing.

There are many benefits of walking. Those at the top of the list include maintaining a healthy weight; preventing or managing heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure; improving cardiovascular fitness; strengthening your bones and muscles; increasing energy levels; improving your mood, cognition, memory and sleep; improving your balance and coordination; strengthening your immune system; and reducing stress and tension.

Most people have a Fitbit, a smartphone that tracks steps or even a good old-fashioned pedometer. These inspire you to go farther, do more and get moving, even if it is in dribs and drabs. You will find yourself trying to outdo yourself, if only by adding a few more steps each day.

I hope these tips will move you — literally — and help you get on a road to better health and well-being.

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