“I’m Gonna Feel Like Dogs** in an Hour”- Fitness Freak at 55, Joe Rogan Opens Up on Being “Foggy” Due to “Italian Food”

Most UFC fans might have missed the noted UFC color commentator, Joe Rogan, during the coveted UFC 289. The enhanced fight-viewing experience that Rogan’s descriptive commentary provides may be termed as unmatchable by most of the fans. Although he is often missed by fans in UFC events, there’s one destination where every fan can catch up with his words. It is his noted podcast, ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’.

The ’55-year-old’ has also hosted some of the biggest modern-day celebrities on the hot seat of his show. Fans also love ‘JRE’ due to the impromptu nature of topics discussed in the show. In a recent episode, the noted stand-up comedian and actor, Gabriel Iglesias, joined Rogan. Among a number of other ones, Iglesias who is also known for his large size, went on to discuss such a topic with Rogan that looked quite far-fetched from himself.

Joe Rogan and Gabriel Iglesias talked about maintaining fitness through a proper diet


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The ‘JRE host’ himself revealed that he had a weakness toward Italian cuisine. In the same episode, he also stated how he could “overeat pasta till the end of time”. But Rogan implied that he managed to maintain his fitness even after such “high calorie diets” mostly due to his discipline.

The ‘former fear Factor host’ also mentioned how there were a lot of unhealthy food and drinking habits that look really appealing for the moment. He stated, I mean it’s the feeling of it. It’s like aaahhaahh… When you’re all sitting around drinking red wine, I know I’m gonna feel like dog s**t in like an hour.”

But he also stated that it’s important to put a check on the number of such cheat days. ‘The Podcaster’ stated, At that moment, it’s worth it. But it’s only worth it for me once in a blue moon. When I eat like that all the time I get fat, I just like, get slower, my brain doesn’t work as well”.

But it may be agreed that there are pretty few people with the amount of discipline that Rogan has. Most of the population succumbs to unhealthy food habits after beginning them just as recreation.

Joe Rogan’s devastating kicks – a testimony of his fitness

As most UFC fans already know, Rogan can be taken as an embodiment of fitness even at the age of 55. In another episode of ‘JRE’, the ‘former martial artist’ also showcased that he could go for as many as 75 pushups, even at this age. But nothing can prove his exceptional fitness at this age better than his ferocious kicks.


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Rogan’s insane kicking prowess also had the noted UFC legend, Georges St-Pierre, asking him to teach a few kicks to the UFC Hall of Famer.

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Even though the podcaster never competed in any martial arts competitions professionally, looking at his fitness and prowess at 55, it may be said that he wouldn’t have done too badly even if he opted to do so. Do you also boast the same fitness levels as Rogan?


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