‘I’m trying to share top fitness tips – but people can’t get over my M-cup chest’

Model and fitness influencer Jazmyne Day was excited when her workouts started going viral on TikTok.

However, the bombshell, who lives in Las Vegas, US, has been left disheartened by people who ‘can’t get over her boobs’.

The OnlyFans star is infamous for her M-cup boobs online. And although she doesn’t mind fans giving them attention on her modelling pages, Jazmyne, 29, says she would like to be taken seriously in the fitness world.

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Opening up exclusively to Daily Star, Jazmyne – who is originally from Wales – said: So I started a Fitness TikTok on May 20th and it exploded.

Many can’t get over her M-cup chest(Image: Instagram/jazmynedayfitness)

“My first video went viral, and now has over 6million views. Then a video I posted on June 5th of me doing an unassisted pull-up has almost 4million views.

“The account grew from 25k followers on June 10th to 154k by June 15th. 20k followers a day!

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