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Improve your posture and strengthen your body in the sun

ANDPilates is a practice that never goes out of style. We are not surprised. Is suitable for almost all audiences, regardless of age or physical condition. It does not require excessive effort, it does not cause aches and pains the next day and it causes many benefits for our health mental and physical, with a greater impact on our posture.

With the arrival of summer, there are many who want to enjoy the good weather and the beach, while still getting some exercise. So that, there is no better practice than doing pilates on the sand. You enjoy the sea breeze, the outdoor space and the sun, yes, we must try not to do it in the hours of more radiation (between 12 and 16 hours), and whenever we do we must protect ourselves with sun cream. Also do not forget to bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated and comfortable clothes.

Regarding the material, a mat or mat is enoughyou will not need more accessories for your pilates session on the beach.

Pilates exercises to improve posture on the beach

After a few minutes of stretching beforehand, you can start the routine.

forward stretch

As simple as sitting with your legs extended and your back straight. We raise the straight arms parallel to the legs. With the head slightly down, we bring the body forward to stretch the back.

hug on your knees

It’s literally a knee hug. It is done lying down and serves to feel the pull of the back and lower back.

trunk twisting

A mythical exercise with which improve posture and strengthen back, waist and abdominal area. The twists can be done both sitting and standing and consists of turning the trunk and controlling the breath when performing the movements.


The plank of a lifetime is an ideal exercise for our posture, since it strengthens the entire core area and forces us to keep the spine straight during its development. Try to hold 30 seconds.

The cat

The quintessential Pilates position. It is based on two movements. We begin with our hands and knees resting on the ground, we take a deep breath and bend our backs, drawing our abdomens in. When we slowly release the air, we do the opposite, looking up at the sky.

rest position

Sitting on your own legs, you stretch the rest of the trunk forward with the palms touching the ground. Once in this position, we must try to reach as far as possible with our hands, until we feel how our back is stretched. It’s a good one option to end the routine as it serves to relax. You can stay for 1 minute.

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