Inside the ultimate Scottish football fitness factory as Nathan Patterson and Alex Lowry reap rewards of sport lab

It’s with an understated modesty that George Paterson rhymes off a who’s who of Scottish football that are regulars through his door.

“I don’t want to sound like it’s a boast but most professional clubs in the country will have a player who’s been at Ultimate Soccer at some point,” he says. The founder of the Glasgow-based community coaching company has the motto: Harder, Faster, Stronger. And a client list to die for. Everton’s Nathan Patterson, Hull City’s Greg Docherty, Rangers starlet Alex Lowry and Brighton’s Marc Leonard to name but a few who have attended this summer’s sports lab sessions.

It has been over two decades since the current Albion Rovers assistant boss launched his business and he admits it’s about catering to each footballer’s needs. He said: “It all comes down to the individual client – it’s a bit like that player hiring a chef. He doesn’t need to ask that chef if Everton are happy with me eating this or that. Nathan Patterson, Allan Campbell or Greg Docherty aren’t coming to me to become super fit – they already know what works for them. They come to work with our team to make sure they feel that bit fitter and faster when they return for pre-season.

“We had Fraser Murray in with us and he returned to Kilmarnock in such good shape, his boss asked him: ‘What have you been doing in the summer?’ These boys are playing at a level where they know they need to be fit right throughout the year. You can’t just shut down for a few months.

“James Scott wanted to build his fitness for when he goes back to Exeter City so he came in for two weeks in a row. Our biggest motto is about finding a way to outwork the room. Every day is pre-season here.

“It’s also about creating the right environment as not every player has the mental strength of Greg Docherty. He came to us when he wasn’t getting a game at Rangers and worked on a few things. It wasn’t due to anything he wasn’t getting at his club – he just needed a different environment and to be told the truth, even if it’s a brutal truth.

“Others need an arm around them and to be told not to worry so much.”

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