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Invima issues warning for Sascha Fitness brand products in Colombia

The National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (Invima) issued a health alert in relation to the commercialization in the country of the products under the brand Hydrolyzed – Sascha Fitness Colombia.

The items, promoted as dietary supplements, are offered on the official commercial platform Sacha Fitness Colombia. However, According to the entity, these do not have a health registry, so their sale is considered illegal and fraudulent.

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“These products do not have current health registration to date, so they have not been evaluated in aspects of quality, safety and efficacy, representing a risk to the health of consumers”Invima said in a statement.

The authorities also emphasize that relevant aspects in relation to these products, such as their composition and storage, transport and distribution conditions, they are unknown.

Products that have an Invima alert


Invima recommendations

The entity calls on the public to refrain from purchasing products under this brand. And if you are consuming them, Invima recommends stopping their use immediately, due to the risk it may represent to health.

Likewise, the surveillance entity asks consumers always verify the health registration and authenticity of the products of this kind through Invima official website.

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In relation to businesses, the entity advises refraining from distributing and marketing the previously mentioned items, since their sale may lead to the application of sanitary security measures.


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