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Invite Diaper Bank to Fitness Dance

Nogales, Son

With the objective of gathering the largest number of essential hygienic items, this Friday, June 9, 2023 from 6 to 9 at night, the 5th Fitness dance will be held by the Diaper Bank of Nogales, Sonora at the facilities from the square of the Municipal Institute for the Promotion of Culture and the Arts.

Mónica Vázquez, in charge of disseminating this altruistic group, indicated that fortunately the people of Nogales have demonstrated in previous editions of this healthy gathering, their big heart and hope that in 2023, the amount collected will be far exceeded, since as it progresses the activity of this institution, this is how people who have deprivation also come closer.

He indicated that it is important to remind the border residents that there are several ways to help with this effort for those who have less, the first economically on site, the second with diapers in kind and the last one collaborating by buying or donating to the bazaar that is will install in the square.

“Several instructors will be giving classes to accompany us to bring their contribution, the contribution will be 70 pesos or a pack of diapers, the people who say well is that I can’t come because I don’t care about the dance, I don’t like it or whatever, you can come, make your contribution, here we will be doing as a collection center, people can come and give us the diapers here, or if they have something else at home that you want to send to The people, as I repeat, are low-income people and we will send them to them just the same”, Mónica indicated.

Fun according to agreement and a good atmosphere is guaranteed, Maritza Ruiz, Zumba instructor, mentioned about this fundraising event, and recalled that it is not necessary to bring a complete donation, just as long as the diapers are in good condition and have been properly protected. you can participate.

“The dynamic is, each invited instructor, bring their team of students, they are the ones who participate dancing a choreography, those who are from the side down, we participate dancing and well, the people who are encouraged and who, if they do not go to class , but they want to be here, also together with us and also enjoying the dance, they can come and dance, nothing more is to follow the choreography of the instructor who is there in front”, described Maritza.

For more information, they made the telephone number 631 173 9170 available to the public, to find out about particular issues.

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