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Simple wellness tips for Men’s Health Month

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Good Things Utah) – Men’s Health Month (June) is the perfect time to review your health and wellness status. Since the start of the COVID pandemic, fewer adults are tending to their health care needs, and stress levels are rising. This can be a particular concern to men, who generall seek health care less frequently than women.

Over the past couple years, fewer adults are tending to their health care needs, and stress levels are rising.

This is an important concern for all of us, but men in particular—who already go to the doctor at rates far lower than women—should pay attention. Health experts say that, nationwide:

  • 15% of adult men are considered to be in “fair” or “poor” health overall
  • 52 % have hypertension
  • 41% are considered obese

For all these reasons and more, Men’s Health Month in June is the perfect time to talk about what men—and everyone—can do to protect their health.

Doctors says there are several, simple tips men who are looking to improve their health can work toward to get started.

Get active!

A little exercise can go a long way. Most adults should strive for at least 150 minutes of physical activity every week. Older adults should also work on including exercises that help them improve their balance, too. As always, though: Talk to your doctor before significantly increasing your activity levels.

Eat healthy!

Overall, a healthy eating pattern consists of a mix of grains, fat-free or low-fat dairy, and proteins. An easy way to help you maintain healthy eating patterns is to try to ensure that half your dinner plate contains fruits and vegetables.

Talk to your doctor!

The key to treating the majority of health concerns is finding them early. Regular wellness exams and health screenings as recommended by your doctor provide the best path toward early detection. Optum makes it more convenient for members to keep up with those wellness exams and screenings with the Optum Mobile Clinic. It brings care curbside—literally—and offers a variety of screenings, from bone density to retinal eye exams, and results are sent straight to your primary care physician. This means that by the time you schedule your next regular check-up, your doctor already has a lot of information at hand to help you live your healthiest life.

Visit Optum.com/utah for more wellness information and about Optum’s services in your area.

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