Jennifer Aniston’s Pvolve Partnership Takes Functional Fitness Mainstream

Jennifer Aniston’s commitment to fitness is practically legendary at the point, with the star crediting her regular yoga, cardio, and strength training as a key part of keeping her physical and mental health in optimal balance. She’s also rather selective about which brands she chooses to team up with — which makes today’s news particularly exciting. Jennifer Aniston’s Pvolve partnership, just announced, is already sending excited shockwaves through her fan base and followers of the high-tech workout movement. Aniston broke the news with a video posted to her Instagram account, which featured a rare look at the Friends star in action as she showed off some signature Pvolve moves, its equipment, and her extremely cut abdominal muscles. Along with Aniston’s confident smile as she bends and stretches, her visible strength is the best co-sign for the fitness method.

Sharing the partnership announcement video, Aniston added in her caption, “SO proud to support our female founder and the beyond talented trainers. This is one of my favorite workouts — and I’m so grateful for the team and excited for what’s to come.” Already beloved for a trademark combination of resistance-centered equipment with thoughtful, functional movement, Aniston’s been a devoted Pvolve follower since 2021, when she discovered the method while recovering from a back injury.

With Aniston’s injury sidelining her from her usual workouts, she found Pvolve through a friend. “…Not only did I notice her complete transformation — physically and in her energy level — but she also explained that Pvolve’s functional fitness method respects where your body is at and allows you to work around your current limitations, so you don’t have to sit on the bench and wait for full recovery,” Aniston explained in press materials. “I ordered the equipment and started streaming the workouts at home and instantly fell in love with the program and its results.” Once she was fulling healed, Aniston was able to explore the wider range of exercise options offered by the company.

The key to the Pvolve method is in the workouts’ rang of motion, which is all-encompassing. By targeting it all, both major muscle groups and their surrounding areas are engaged and enhanced. Simultaneously, the method and its streamed exercises work to not only tone and build strength, but improve on mobility and stability, too.

In this new role, fans can follow Aniston’s favorite workouts led by her Pvolve trainer, curated as a special “Jen’s Picks” collection via streaming but also available in-person at the brand’s L.A.-based facility. Safe to say that Aniston only does private sessions, but this might be the next best thing to working out next to her at the studio.

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