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Joan Pradells learning to pose like a bodybuilder in an unpublished video

        Being a professional bodybuilder is not easy… In fact, it would seem that only a select few achieve it, especially due to the life of sacrifice and dedication that is required to compete at the level of the best on a stage. And not only for the physical aspect of taking your muscles to another level and growing in a super-human way, but also for the mental aspect of dieting and training almost daily, and then showing off your results by posing on stage. And it is that in this sport if you do not know how to show your muscles on the stage, you may ruin the work of a whole year by lifting kilos and kilos.

        That’s why today we show you this Instagram video of the young Spanish bodybuilder Joan Pradells. Some unpublished images of his beginnings in this sport in which he learned for the first time the mandatory poses in contests. “January 25, 2022, learning the mandatory poses for the first time. I love seeing this, there is less and less,” he wrote next to the images.

        The brutal physical change of bodybuilder Joan Pradells

        But the best are the comments from your followers, friends and training partners; some highlight his incredible physical transformation in just one year. “I thought that video was from 3 or 4 years ago, an incredible change in almost a year and a half,” they tell him.

        Roberto Cabezas is a specialist in fitness, CrossFit, bodybuilding, training material, nutrition and sports supplementation at Men’s Health Spain.

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