Woman Loses 193 Lbs With a Simple Exercise She Used to Do as a Child, Encourages Fitness Community to Add It to Their Routines

The happiness to witness those T-shirts become baggy while on a fitness journey is often unimaginable. Losing weight is often associated with rigorous workout and diet plans. And when the results are positive, the motivation is tremendous. Jeanine Raine shares one such success story, and her massive transformation left the fitness world bewildered.

Jeanine Raine lost 193 lbs naturally since she started her fitness journey 18 months ago. The best part of Raine’s weight loss journey is that she opted for her childhood sport to shed those extra pounds. Let’s see how Jeanine Raine kept her spirit high throughout the transformation.

Jeanine Raine is back at her favorite sport, Jump roping


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Raine took her fitness journey seriously when she weighed a whopping 500 lbs. She lost her favorite childhood sport to obesity. However, once she was determined to become fit, she took up jump roping again. In a video posted on her Instagram channel, Raine shares her fitness journey where she chronicled the first day of jump-roping and how she aces it now. 

When I was a child I used to jump rope all the time! So when I first started jump roping during my journey I thought it was going to be slightly easy,” she says. However, with all that extra weight, she failed to ace her favorite sport on the first try. She could not even succeed in a single jump. “I was shocked I couldn’t do a single jump,” she says. But the wild horses couldn’t stop Raine from getting back into shape. She is back at it and now aces the art of jump roping, apart from reducing nearly 200 lbs. “It was a little discouraging at first and it took a lot for me to get out and try it again. As I continued, it got easier and easier,” says Raine with happiness.

Raine’s family, who joined her for the jump roping sessions, encouraged her. And as it became easier for her, she started mastering various tricks. “I’m so happy I stuck to it because it’s such fun and enjoyable cardio!” says Raine, elated as she could lose weight while enjoying her childhood sport. She is bracing herself to reach a 200-lb weight-lose milestone. Fans are happy for Jeanine Raine, while they are desperate to add jump-roping to their fitness routine.

Fans share their happiness over Jeanine Raine’s fitness journey


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Netizens could see the massive transformation of Raine as they pour in messages of appreciation. A fan wrote, “ You’re straight killing it, sis!” Mesmerized by the video, another commenter wrote,Omg I love this SO MUCH.”

Raine is in for a penny, in for a pound, and this is well captured in her video. Noticing the grit of Raine, a fan writes, “Aint NOTHING you can do to stop a determined woman. We gone rise to the occasion EVERY TIME. GOD BLESS YOU, sis. I’m so happy for you.” A fan speaks of how Raine’s story is inspirational “I wanna skip so bad. Thanks for the inspiration. You’re doing the damn thing boo!” “I can’t jump rope to save my life…as a kid or an adult, but I love this!!!! Your journey is soooo inspiring!!! Keep going sis!!!” comments another fan.


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We hope that Jeanine Raine reaches her big milestone of 200 lbs weight-down very soon. What are your thoughts on it?

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