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Maluma boasts of heart attack abs at the O Son do Camiño festival

Maluma has come to Spain to offer a concert in Galicia and he does it in the purest #DonJuan style. The Colombian boasts of heart attack and defined abs on stage at the O Son do Camiño festival where he conquered the public to the sound of his romantic reggaeton.

Maluma was the highlight of the day and has ended up becoming the absolute king of the festival to the rhythm of songs like ‘Hawai’, ‘Cuatro babys’ or his new single ‘Cocoloco’.

Maluma’s abs set fire to his most daring concert

Maluma did not hesitate to take off his shirt and show off a heart-stopping six pack. The Colombian singer has gone through moments of low self-esteem, but that was forgotten. Now, this new version of the artist is the result of his spectacular physical transformation and a complete change in habits, which he spoke about just a few weeks ago, and which he has worked with José Fernández, his trainer and nutritionist. 40,000 people witnessed the spectacular state of form of Maluma, who also, with a compilation of all his hits, made them dance from the first note.

Maluma displayed during the concert his most rogue and defiant attitude, his trademark, and his look plays a decisive role in this. The Colombian wore a T-shirt with the print of the cover of his new single ‘Cocoloco’or what is the same, her naked tattooed body.

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