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Marketing 101: Tips and Tricks for Your New Wellness Program

Crafting content for benefits and wellness programs that appeal to employees and their families can be daunting.

The complexity of benefits programs and industry jargon often make them hard to comprehend, let alone utilize effectively. 

Worst yet? The lack of understanding can lead to your employees under-utilizing your wellness program, reducing the positive impact on your team’s health and productivity

But you have options. Join us for this free webinar on August 8th to learn ways to create benefits content that is exciting, engaging, and easily understandable – and, most importantly, used by your employees to improve their lives and productivity.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Discover the secret key to driving program engagement during open enrollment that most HR professionals miss,
  • Unearth techniques to make benefits communication as engaging and relevant as possible,
  • Turn complex benefits jargon into simple, digestible information,
  • Uncover unique ways to make your wellness program stand out amidst the influx of other messages,
  • Effectively reach not just employees but their families too,
  • Devise a year-round benefits communication strategy that keeps engagement high,
  • Keep your benefits content interesting even when employees don’t need to use them,
  • Infuse creativity into your benefits communication campaigns for better reception,
  • Connect different benefits to create a robust wellness communication strategy.
  • Gain insights on practical techniques for measuring your communication efforts and implementing necessary changes.

Register now to stand out amidst all the competing messages and get your employees to participate in your wellness program.


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