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maximize your calorie burn on the beach

TOAlthough the summer months are usually used to rest and enjoy the holidays, many people take the opportunity to continue exercising, being the beach a good place to do it. In fact, professional teams usually use the sand of the beach to carry out their preseason and get in shape through physical training.

It must also be taken into account that, sometimes, it is not possible to dedicate much time to physical exercise and solutions are sought to have a physical activity routine that, in a short time, results are obtained. One such type of workout is interval exercise.

This kind of routine consists of performing high-effort exercises in short periods of time, combining them with short periods of restrepeating itself several times so that the appropriate results can be obtained. You can also combine low intensity exercises with others of high intensity.

Bearing in mind that the lower body is exercised even more in the sand due to the type of surface, the results could be even better.

interval training exercises

There are several exercises that can be performed whose results are very positive, some of them are the following:

Benefits of performing this type of routine

  • Better aerobic and anaerobic fitness
  • better blood pressure
  • Better cardiovascular health
  • Better cholesterol profiles
  • Improved maintenance of muscle mass

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