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ROCHESTER — After helping Rochester folks get fit for nine years at other gyms, Allen Sanford is gearing up to take the best of several workout styles and jump in with his own place called W.I.P. Fitness.

“W.I.P. stands for Work in Progress. Ten years ago, I walked into a gym for the first time wearing khaki shorts with side pockets. I didn’t know about workout shorts,” Sanford said. “What I want to do is help people that have never been to a gym before feel less uncomfortable and look forward to coming to the gym. And someone that’s been going to the gym often and wants to push themselves further, we have the equipment and knowledge to do that as well.”

W.I.P. Fitness is going into the former Med City home of

Warners’ Stellian appliances

at 1318 Apache Drive SW, near the Apache Mall.

The appliances retailer moved into the former Haley Comfort Systems showroom

at 4320 W. Frontage Road U.S. 52 in early 2022.

Now Sanford is revamping

the 7,500-square-foot building

into a unique workout center with kickboxing bags, barbells and bungee harnesses.

For much of his career as a trainer, he has focused on kickboxing cardio training, though he has sampled many types of training in many gyms.

“I’ve always had this idea about taking all the good parts of all of them and mixing them together in one gym,” Sanford said.

That means W.I.P. classes will feature kickboxing cardio, Crossfit-style weight training, air bike workouts plus something new to Rochester — bungee fitness.

Rochester trainer Allen Sanford is launching his own W.I.P. Fitness gym at 1318 Apache Drive SW near the Apache Mall with a mix of styles, including kickboxing, weight training and bungee fitness.

Jeff Kiger / Post Bulletin

“Bungees are going to hang from the ceiling. You’re going to strap in with a harness and literally jump and fly around in the air. It’s a high cardio and low impact workout that is easy on your knees,” he said. “It gives you flexibility and mobility with just a little bit of help.”

With a goal of opening W.I.P. in early August, Sanford has lined up a team of 12 trainers.

“They all have good backgrounds in fitness. A lot of them I’ve been worked side-by-side with and I’ve taken classes with others. They’re upbeat and actually care about people. If you’re not going to care about helping people, then you don’t belong here,” he said of his staff.

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