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October 2023 Wellness Horoscope for All Signs

It’s that time of year again—and no, we’re not just talking about fall and the arrival of sweater weather. On the cosmic front, October ushers in eclipse season with a Libra solar eclipse on October 14 shaking up our relationships and a Taurus lunar eclipse on October 28 changing the way we view sensuality, emotional security, and financial matters. Together, these eclipses add a dose of transformative change to every sign’s October 2023 wellness horoscope.

Remember that even if we can’t see a given eclipse in the sky, this cosmic occurrence brings life-altering events or shifts in perspective and awareness. Yet even as we feel a sea change underway, it’s not typically clear during an eclipse exactly how things will play out—that is, because things tend to be, well, eclipsed or obscured from view.

The key to navigating the wonky energy of eclipse season is to not get too attached to knowing just where the tides are taking you.

The key to navigating the wonky energy of eclipse season is to not get too attached to knowing just where the tides are taking you. You can certainly feel into the changes that are occurring and envision just what it is that you’d like to come your way, but then, let go of the need to know the details, and instead, be open to the unexpected. As November arrives, so should clarity.

Before then, however, expect additional change this month in the realm of relationships as Venus finally leaves fiery Leo—where it’s spent the last four months, owing to its retrograde cycle—for grounded Virgo on October 8. We’d all benefit by looking back at what we’ve learned since early June as it relates to the Leo realms of creativity, romance, playfulness, and pride.

Pluto also reminds us to let go of things that have reached their expiration date this month as it ends its retrograde cycle and returns to forward motion on October 10. Remember that on the days around when a planet shifts directions, its archetypal energy is potent; in the case of Pluto, that means we could find ourselves more aware of instances of power, control, survival, and the cycles of life and death. It’s best to let transformation be your touchstone around this date.

Still, exactly how these astrological shifts and others will affect you this month depends on your personal astrology. Read on for your sun, moon, and rising signs to discover your October 2023 wellness horoscope, and pick up star-sanctioned tips to help you navigate it with more flow.

October 2023 wellness horoscope for every star sign


Money matters may command your attention this month, Aries, as Mars shifts into Scorpio (and your eighth astrological house of shared resources) on October 12, and the lunar eclipse on October 28 hits your second house of personal possessions. It’ll be important to inventory the sources of your income. Hard work, gifts, and collaboration are all viable fountainheads of money, but your ability to account for and acknowledge where your capital is coming from right now will help you both treasure it and find ways to generate more of it.

Wellness tip: Spend some time reading a book on financial literacy this month, like I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi and You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero.


Matters of the heart take center stage for you this month, Taurus. That’s because your planetary ruler Venus finally shifts signs on October 8, entering Virgo and your fifth house of romance, artistry, and playfulness. As Venus also makes a flowing trine with expansive Jupiter on October 22, an infusion of luck and positivity could come your way. And on October 28, as the lunar eclipse arrives in your sign, one of your key partnerships could be due for change.

Wellness tip: Romanticize your life. Buy yourself flowers, enjoy your take-out dinner by candlelight, and go on at least one solo date this month.


Busy energy is abuzz for you this month, Gemini, much to your delight. Your planetary ruler Mercury is making big moves: It shifts signs twice in October, moving through both social Libra and secretive Scorpio; and it also forms a couple powerful alignments that could boost your creativity.

The first is an opposition with dreamy Neptune on October 2, which will power up your imaginative, intuitive mind, and the second is a conjunction with the sun (aka a cazimi) on October 20, which also falls in your fifth house of creativity. As the month ends, you have more spring in your step and the energy required to check lots of things off your to-do list.

Wellness tip: Carve out some time to let your creative juices really flow. Whether it’s drawing with pastels, painting with watercolors, or sketching with a pencil, making some form of art, in particular, could help to reduce your stress and enhance your relaxation this month.


Eclipse seasons tend to hit you hard, Cancer, as the water sign ruled by the moon—and this upcoming one will be no different. As the October 14 solar eclipse falls in your fourth house of family and foundational roots, you’re invited to break ties with habits, perspectives, or objects that impede your ability to feel at home. The changes at stake could help you feel closer to your family, whether of origin or choice, in the coming weeks.

The October 28 lunar eclipse could make you feel even more sensitive than usual. Consider allocating me-time to artistic or creative projects, as they will help to both steady your mood and give you a powerful canvas upon which to channel and express your emotions.

Wellness tip: Get yourself set for this new season by doing a closet clean-out. Don’t limit yourself to your clothes—get rid of anything in your closet that is just taking up space and no longer providing value.


You’re losing some words and finding others this month, Leo. The October 14 solar eclipse occurs in your third house of communication, meaning you could feel a bit wobbly or unclear that day; after all, this lunation features the moon obscuring the sun, which is your planetary ruler. But in the wake of the eclipse, a feeling of clarity will emerge, particularly as the sun meets up with Mercury in the October 20 cazimi. Your ability to self-express will be quite vibrant by the end of the month as a result.

Wellness tip: Try adding a few drops of Cosmos flower essence to your water bottle each day this month, as it can bring clarity of thought and enhance your ability to put ideas into words.


You may have been content with staying behind the scenes these past couple months, Virgo. But in October, you could feel more ready to be seen, especially when it comes to your love life and collaborative partnerships. The reason? Love and beauty planet Venus moves into your sign, where it will reside for the next month, putting some extra pizazz in your step.

Also, when Mercury, your planetary ruler, connects with the sun in cazimi on October 20, it hits on your second house of finances, pushing you toward new ideas for making, saving, and spending money—perhaps on aesthetic things like makeup or clothing that can amplify your self-image.

Wellness tip: Create a vision board that embodies the essence of the “new” you that is emerging and the ways in which you want to portray and express yourself to the world.


If anyone is about to enter their growth era this eclipse season, it’s you, Libra. The October 14 eclipse is the first of a series of eclipses that will take place in your sign over the next year, pushing you toward an evolution of your personal sense of style and the way you carry yourself.

That could feel a bit chaotic as it’s happening, but thankfully, the cosmic slate for the rest of the month is in your favor: On October 22, your planetary ruler Venus forms a supportive alignment with lucky Jupiter, opening doors to new opportunities and rewards.

Wellness tip: Discover new ways to level up your personal fitness as you step into change and growth. Explore new workout classes, or try out a new wearable device for additional motivation, if you can; or, just find different ways to move your body every day.


If it’s seemed hard to get things done lately or to get what you want, know that the celestial tides will turn this month, Scorpio. You get your soulful swagger back the second week of October when your modern-day planetary ruler Pluto ends its retrograde on October 10 and your traditional planetary ruler Mars shifts into your sign for the next couple months.

Just be aware of the difference between being assertive and being aggressive, and between acting swiftly and acting hastily—particularly when it comes to your relationships. The lunar eclipse on October 28 occurs in your seventh house of partnerships and could reveal what’s working and what could use work in your closest relationships.

Wellness tip: If you need additional support to tap into your energy reserves and direct your willpower toward the things you desire, consider adding a few drops of Blackberry flower essence into your water bottle each day this month.


You could be feeling yourself… or feeling the love of another this month, Sagittarius. Your planetary ruler Jupiter forms a supportive alignment with charming Venus on October 22, dialing up your social grace and attraction factor. You’re positively basking in the love beams of a partner or radiating an aura of adoration yourself.

Just be sure to choose your words carefully the following week as Jupiter forms a tough opposition with communicative Mercury and action-oriented Mars on October 28. It may seem like someone else’s words are out of sync with your own, but if you consult a trusted source for clarity, you may find that what was said could help you open new doors for personal growth.

Wellness tip: It’s a great month to dust off your journal and write in it on the regular. Doing so will help illuminate what you’re thinking and give you greater access to the words that best encapsulate your thoughts and feelings.


You’re about to hit the reset button, Capricorn. If you’ve been struggling to make progress toward boosting your well-being, that’s about to change with Pluto ending its retrograde cycle in your sign on October 10; more traction and momentum awaits. Nevertheless, watch out for Plutonian power plays and people jockeying for control, as you become more aware of the underlying fears that have been keeping you stagnant.

As your planetary ruler Saturn makes a flowing connection with messenger Mercury on October 22 and then the radiant sun on October 24, the third week of the month should have you inspired to learn new things that can elevate your self-confidence.

Wellness tip: Take time to explore your shadow self, bringing the aspects of your personality that you tend to push away or disregard into the light, and working to befriend them.


If you’ve been finding your career less than satisfying lately, October could bring some important illumination, Aquarius. Your traditional planetary ruler Saturn forms a lovely connection with the sun on October 24, granting you the ability to see the value that you are and that you bring to the workplace—particularly if you do a tactical survey of your skills, gifts, and talents.

As the solar eclipse in Libra also rocks your ninth house of perspective, consider dedicating some time to explore what it is that you need in a job in order to feel like you are shining in the world in the way that only you can.

Wellness tip: Spend some time both daydreaming and journaling about what a rewarding and satisfying career might look like. Remember: You can’t actively work toward a fulfilling future without envisioning it first.


Your approach to intimacy and vulnerability could be evolving, Pisces, as the October 14 solar eclipse highlights your tender eighth house of shared resources, sex, taboos, and other people’s possessions. The way you approach deeply committed relationships is about to change, and your reflections this month will help to put you on a different path to connection.

As the month ends, your traditional planetary ruler Jupiter forms a tense opposition on October 28 with curious Mercury and energetic Mars, igniting both your third house of communication (Jupiter) and ninth house of perspective and education (Mercury and Mars). This energy pushes you to be inquisitive about what you desire to learn and to take active steps toward that knowledge.

Wellness tip: Do an intimacy inventory, looking back on your life and surveying your relationship with sexuality over time. Has it changed? Is it in the process of evolving? Reflect upon your trajectory as you also define new goals for this essential facet of your life.

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