“R.I.P. All of Your Joints”: Strength Athlete’s Speed Weightlifting Workout Leaves Fitness Community Conflicted

The bodybuilding industry relies heavily on effective exercise techniques and performing repetitions (reps). While doing reps may sound deceptively simple, it is, in fact, a challenging task. However, for 18-year-old Emiliana Guerra Latouche, a CrossFit champion and IFPA personal trainer, it appears to come effortlessly.

Despite her young age, her social media presence stands as a testament to her continuous growth and achievements in the field. Recently, she uploaded an Instagram video where she is doing something impossible for others. The fans are shocked by the comments and have different opinions.

Emiliana Latouche does reps with huge weights


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Latouche recently uploaded an Instagram video, in which she took part in the Florida Grid League. The competition does not look easy and the reps that she was doing looked deadly. Emiliana captioned the post saying, “I look crazy, I know 😂 but this is @flgridleague. Go fast or don’t go.”

Emiliana exerted all her strength as she raised a heavyweight overhead. With exceptional skill and determination, she successfully completed this challenging feat four times in a row. The video highlighted her impressive speed in performing the exercise, as it was time-constrained. Immediately after her final repetition, another athlete seamlessly transitioned to begin their set of reps.

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The video was incredible, but also very hilarious because the background music was a snipped version of ‘Someone Like You,” by Adele. The video also had the words, “When they tell you that you have to pass your head to make it rep.” Latouche was trying her best at the Florida Grid League (FGL) where teams compete in different sports. The fans were astonished after watching her video.


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Mixed reactions to Emiliana’s intense reps

The comments were concerned about her technique and speed. One fan wrote, “Bring on the spinal injuries.” Another person commented, “My back hurts just looking at that.” One person wrote sarcastically, “Really great for spinal health also.”

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A person was genuinely concerned and said, “This is … interesting … just cause you can do this doesn’t mean this is good for your body to do.. the number of people who turn away from lifting after spinal injuries…. and then I see this …”

What do you think of these reps? Is she going to hurt her spine? Tell us in the comments.

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