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Revelify, AI to correct ‘crossfit’ and ‘fitness’ exercises in real time

VALENCIA. He fitness It has become an essential activity for millions of people in Spain. Many others practice cross fithigh-intensity exercises that fill hundreds of box in the city. With all these users in her mind, the athlete from Madrid Jessica Peter has decided to launch Canala-Echeverria Pigeon to the development of Reveala system that uses artificial intelligence in the world of fitness and the cross training to automate processes and improve the engagement with the users of this sport.

The technology they are developing, based on computer vision and that it will be available after the summer, allows you to analyze how an exercise is being performed and compare it with the ideal model, providing advice or recommendations on how to improve movements. These two entrepreneurs, who are currently in the Lanzadera acceleration program, met at Demium and decided to promote this project given the shortcomings that Pedro found in his practice of the sport and that it was already developing in other countries.

“I am a user of applications of fitness and I use them to train, but I don’t have feedback nor anyone to help me do the exercises with the goals I set for myself”, explains the founder. This issue is coupled with the lack of engagement from the same. Specifically, 71% of users abandon the apps after starting its use, reason why they want the industry to have more recurrence. In this sense, they seek to provide them with their technology, so that users have a return of information with just the use of their camera.

Meanwhile, they will also use the system to support the clubs of cross training to hold competitions. “They have a peculiarity, and that is that in some competitions the first qualifying part is done on-line and you have to send videos. The jury counts the repetitions to see how many have been valid and our system allows us to detect it automatically”, he explains. They have already spoken with the main organizers of competitions in Spain and Latin America, as well as with the judges themselves. “The system allows you to obtain incorrect repetitions with objective standards”, he stresses.

The CEO of the technology company has been a professional futsal player internationally for more than 20 years, with the Spanish team. From Madrid, she came to the Valencian Community 9 years ago to a first division team from the University of Alicante. “I came for a year and stayed,” she recalls. Since September, she has been in Valencia after joining Demium. Four years ago she decided to retire from the world of sports at a professional level, but she found beach soccer, and recently she has won the European Olympic Games with the Spanish team.

As the CEO points out, the company integrates its technology with its own apps, and its client are the owners of the same and the clubs. “We don’t want people to have to know the application. We integrate it by talking to the fitness apps, organizers of cross fitsome box and gyms that have their own apps,” he stresses. The idea is that the mobile phone itself is enough to have the most productive session possible and that, with just the camera, the voice feedback system. “We are looking for investment. And we are very happy to join Lanzadera, for us it is a privilege”, she assures.

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