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From being a skincare and hair care guru to a mani enthusiast, Mira Kapoor is now emerging as a fitness inspiration. It’s no easy feat to juggle motherhood and stardom, but if there’s anyone we can count on to gracefully demonstrate how it can be done, it’s Mira Kapoor. From serving red-carpet glam to powerful looks Mira Kapoor does it all, and now she has us hooked with a video of herself rock climbing. If you’ve been looking for motivation to spice up your fitness routine and are feeling particularly in the mood for an adventure, ditch the monotony and choose an off-beat fitness activity, say rock climbing.

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Kapoor is seen gracefully climbing up an artificial climbing wall stabilizing herself with different types of holds on the wall, secured with a safety harness as she ascends upwards. Engaging in this challenging and exhilarating sport calls for fine technique, strength, and endurance that she definitely seems to have mastered. It’s a good idea to only begin training with the help of a qualified fitness instructor to assure safety and technique. Start off nice and slow and gradually up the ante, to avoid injury and strain. For more motivation, let us walk you through the benefits of this activity:

Toned physique and sculpted muscles

As a physically demanding activity that requires significant upper body strength, firm grip, and finger strength, it’s no surprise that rock climbing works wonders to build muscle. Regular indoor climbing sessions can lead to a chiseled back that you can flaunt confidently. Toned arms and a sculpted core are just a few of the other benefits of this sport.

Improved balance and coordination

Indoor climbing necessitates good balance and body control. As a challenging activity, it calls for climbers to maintain balance on rugged rocks or artificial holds while navigating various hand and foot placements. This undoubtedly improves coordination and develops flexibility of limbs as they reach for holds by stretching themselves into different positions and angles.

Enhanced on-the-spot cognition

Climbing routes in indoor climbing gyms are designed to present various challenges and obstacles. Climbers are pushed to plan their moves and route by making split-second decisions. Instilling confidence that overpowers fear, climbers become mentally strong and develop improved reflexes. Mira rightfully said in her caption “Only way forward is up”!

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