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Rosalía’s impressive legs in ‘El Hormiguero’

Just a couple of days ago we were anxiously waiting Rosalía’s new theme after listening to a preview of the song that she herself published on her networks. Since then the melody has remained trapped in our subconscious, repeating the chorus in a loop, now that it is finally in our hands we confess that we have it on repeat all day. ‘Yours’ premiered with the strength of everything Rosalía creates, with a rhythm and lyrics that have us “crazy”, and that is that now there is no talk of anything other than the artist and more since heru went through the program ‘El Hormiguero’where she once again surprised her fans by demonstrating once again that the quintessential Motomami dares with everything.

The step by step to get endless legs like Rosalía’s

Rosalía’s time on ‘El Hormiguero’ has left an endless number of great moments for the history of the program, where the singer once again shocked us with a shirt look in which she fully opted for white, revealing her super defined legs.

Physical exercise is a fundamental pillar in the life of the singer, something that has not only been recorded through the choreography that is marked in her shows together with the dancers, but also becomes evident in full view of everyone wearing a very worked lower body.

Boxing and spinning are the main culprits of the strength given off by the artist’s legs, disciplines where cardio also plays an important role. If you are looking for routines to crush the lower body, these exercises from our trainer of the month María Alonso to tone the thighs cannot be missing from your training. A real must.

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