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Rosanna Zanetti dazzles with her heart-stopping figure at the ‘Redondo brand’ parade

Rosanna Zanetti has attended the ‘Redondo Brand’ fashion show at the Daoiz y Velarde Cultural Center in Madrid with a total black look that has left us amazed. The Venezuelan model opted for the occasion for a draped bodice with a sweetheart neckline that she combined with a tube skirt with sequins in the same color. A outfits that showed the silhouette of the super-defined actress, marking curves and steel buttocks, as well as strong and muscular arms They didn’t go unnoticed either.

Rosanna Zanetti shocks us with her toned curves at the ‘Redondo brand’ show

Rosanna Zanetti has once again recorded that the routines fullbody carried out by the actress are more than effective. And it is that achieve defined curves like those of the model It requires including a couple of strength routines in our workouts to achieve that progressive muscle development in search of a firm and slender body.

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If you are looking for a workout to start this type of exercise, this routine cannot be missing from your list along with our trainer of the month María Alonso following Tracy Anderson’s method to define abs and strengthen the core.

preview for Tracy Anderson's method exercises to define abs and strengthen the core with María Alonso

The model’s arms were also highly commented during the evening, and it is that his firmness left us amazed, in the purest style of Queen Letizia. We know that when exercising the upper body, biceps and triceps cannot be forgottenTherefore, with the help of some weights, strength exercises once again become the best allies this time to show off muscular arms like those of Rosanna Zanetti. Also, you can get the weight that best suits the intensity you want give training, starting with lighter ones and ending with ones with a little more weight.

upfit 2kg dumbbell

2kg dumbbell

upfit 2kg dumbbell

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