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Rosario Dawson treasures the fitness routine to prepare as Ahsoka Tano

When it was announced that Rosario Dawson would play Ahsoka Tano in the popular television series The Mandalorian, many fans of Star Wars they were excited to see how the actress would bring this iconic character to life. However, her popularity was so great that she will now premiere her own production on Disney + and we can’t wait!

But living up to the role was not easy as we see it on the screen, since Ahsoka is known for being an incomparable duelist who uses lightsabers in each hand (at the same time), so he had to undergo intense Exercise routine and a unique physical training. Do you want to know what it is about? In this note, we will reveal the details of the fitness routine by Rosario Dawson so you can discover what’s behind her incredible transformation.

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Cardio workout

To strengthen your endurance and stay agile, Dawson dedicated himself to cardio workouts intense, such as running, jumping rope, and doing workouts in circuit. These exercises helped him improve his physical condition overall and prepare her for demanding action scenes.

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This series of moves allowed her to mostly strengthen her arms, as she had to become ambidextrous to play the character.

Martial Arts

As ahsoka tano She is an expert in hand-to-hand combat. Rosario Dawson He also plunged into the world of Martial Arts. She practiced fighting techniques and mixed arts training to hone her battle skills and achieve fluid and precise movements in scenes.

‘Doing two hours a day, seven days a week, was pretty intense. And then you add in when we were actually shooting and doing these different battles and having to keep studying it. She’s ambidextrous… That was a lot to take in. It’s so fierce from the start. It was never a question of whether she is capable. She meets all combat head on. She doesn’t joke at all, and that’s very different from someone who is learning martial arts at 40 and trying to protect her face,’ the actress commented in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

strength training

To get Ahsoka Tano’s toned and muscular look, Rosario Dawson focused on performing a combination of exercises with weights, such as squats, deadlifts, press bench, push-ups and sit-ups for strengthen your body and increase your muscle mass.

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For Dawson, having a strong body is important to having the energy to develop on screen.

flexibility and balance

In addition, the actress responsible for giving life to this legendary jedi also focused on improving his flexibility and balance, extremely important skills for the challenges of this character. He incorporated stretching exercises into his daily routine to increase the mobility of his body and achieve graceful and agile postures. We already want to see it on screen!

As you can see, the physical transformation of Rosario Dawson to play Ahsoka Tano is the result of a fitness routine thorough and dedicated. Without a doubt, the actress was fully committed to her physical preparation and we are sure that her effort and dedication will make us love a character so loved by fans of Star Wars.

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