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“Self-care with Sanicare” Event Inspires Me-Time & Wellness for All

By: Ivan Peter B. Montecillo
4 hours ago

Trusted personal care brand, Sanicare brought its “Self-Care with Sanicare” campaign for the first time in Cebu at the Montebello Villa Hotel, and guests were treated to various activities carefully curated to nurture and rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul, emphasizing the importance of individuals taking a break and prioritizing their well-being. 

The “Self-Care with Sanicare” campaign demonstrates that Sanicare is more than just a household brand—it is a dedicated partner in one’s self-care journey.

What really helped me a lot was to surround myself with people to remind me that I’m important too. And constantly reminding myself that you’re the most important person and your health is wealth.


Kryz Uy

Celebrity Guest

By engaging participants in immersive experiences, Sanicare aimed to foster a deeper connection with its audience and highlight the brand’s commitment to promoting holistic well-being.


For the Cebu leg of the “Self-Care with Sanicare” campaign, activities include a DIY Flower Arrangement session, where participants could unleash their creativity and create beautiful floral arrangements. A Mixology Workshop allowed attendees to learn the art of crafting refreshing and indulgent beverages, adding a touch of luxury to their self-care routine. Additionally, a Fluid Art Therapy session provided a soothing and meditative experience, allowing participants to explore their emotions and find inner peace. To complete the holistic experience, a relaxing Massage Session was offered, providing a moment of blissful relaxation and rejuvenation.

The event’s highlight was celebrity guest Kryz Uy, who shared her tips and valuable self-care insights. During her session, Uy emphasized that self-care can be as simple as dedicating five minutes to oneself. She stressed that when individuals feel good about themselves, it radiates positively in their interactions with others, ultimately enhancing overall well-being.

Celebrity guest Kryz Uy shares some tips and insights about self-care. (PHOTO BY: IVAN PETER B. MONTECILLO)

In today’s world, where we are constantly consumed by the pursuit of perfection and the pressure to meet societal standards, it’s natural for first-time moms to unintentionally neglect their self-care. Researching extensively on how to be the perfect mother often leads us to lose sight of our well-being. However, Kryz Uy, a well-known influencer and mother, shares invaluable tips for navigating this journey. One vital lesson she learned was the significance of surrounding herself with supportive individuals who remind her of her importance. It is essential to remember that as a mother, you are the most important person, and your health is the true wealth. First-time moms can strike a harmonious balance between nurturing their children and caring for themselves by prioritizing self-care and cultivating a solid support system.

Gathered together at the Sanicare Self-Care event, this incredible group of guests and the amazing team behind Sanicare embraced the power of self-love, reminding us all that taking care of ourselves is truly the ultimate form of happiness. (PHOTO BY: IVAN PETER B. MONTECILLO)

The “Self-Care with Sanicare” campaign is a powerful reminder for everyone to step back from their hectic lives and devote time to self-care. Sanicare continues to lead the way as a personal care partner, empowering individuals to embrace self-care as an integral part of their lifestyle.

Sanicare presents a wide range of personal, kitchen, bathroom, and baby hygiene products that  strike the perfect balance between affordability and superior quality. These meticulously crafted items are created from 100% virgin pulp, ensuring purity and integrity, and are free from artificial whiteners and elemental chlorine. With a firm commitment to hygiene and safety, their products are ideal for family’s use, providing the peace of mind we desire. Sanicare is everything they say they are, a perfect hygiene partner for you and your family.



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