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SLIM THIGHS | Eva Longoria’s training to show off perfect legs

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Eva Longoria At 47, he looks like one of the most envied figures in Hollywood and it is not by chance. The actress and businesswoman has confessed on many occasions that she follows a healthy diet and what did you doto sport daily. In his case, the results of this healthy routine are obvious.


On her Instagram we can see her saying goodbye to the vacation in a bikini, where her defined thighs can be seen perfectly. And it is that Longoria does not rest even during the summer of exercising. The actress always makes a hole in her day to exercise.

The exercises to get legs like Eva Longoria’s

The legs are one of the most difficult areas to keep toned and free of cellulitis. However, it is not impossible if you are constant and do specific exercises for this area.

One of the ones that work best to keep your thighs strong and well modeled are the sumo squats. To perform them you have to adopt the position of the sumo squat and find a point of support. Next you must raise one heel and then the other. Repeat this action 15 times with each leg.

Another of the exercises designed to strengthen your legs is the Split leg lifts. To perform this movement you must lie on the floor on your side and bring the upper leg to the vertical. Hold onto that leg with one hand. Then move the lower leg as well to vertical and then move it back towards the ground. Repeat 15 times with each of the legs.

Lastly, the third recommended exercise to achieve amazing thighs is the side kicks. To do this exercise you must start from a quadrupedal position. Then lift one leg back and kick into the air. Repeat the exercise 15 times with each leg.

At first you can start exercising by performing two sets of each of the exercises. As your muscles feel stronger, you can introduce one more series or increase the number of repetitions in each series to 15 or 20.

Eva Longoria’s diet to look great at 47 years old

The actress has pointed out on more than one occasion that she does not follow a restrictive diet. What’s more, she affirms that she eats everything, although, yes, in small portions. In addition, she defines herself as a good cook and loves hearty breakfasts. At mealtime, she doesn’t usually deprive herself of anything either. On her Instagram we can see her even cooking homemade pasta.

For dinner, and taking into account the two previous meals, he does choose lighter recipes such as soups and broths.

celebrity workouts

The case of Eva Longoria is not exceptional. There are many celebrities who look enviable guys and who share the keys to their training in the gym with her followers on social networks. A few days ago we knew the Sofia Vergara full body exercise to tone your entire body.

Nieves Alvarez He also recently shared the combination of exercises he does in the gym to show off a perfect body.

Specifically, with the exercise that the model showed, They strengthen both the glutes and the abdominals.

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