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Social Media Tips for Pharmacists

A pharmacy’s social media accounts can serve as an online storefront—if it is run with the right processes, strategies, and content. Pharmacists can customize their social media platforms to achieve cohesive branding and share information on the services the pharmacy offers. By providing a platform to create content that is aligned with your goals—such as growing the community, educating patients, promot-ing your business, and networking—independent pharmacists can easily reach their marketing goals.

With all these opportunities at pharmacists’ fingertips, it is important to understand how your content—and how the page is run—represents the pharmacy online. Here are a few do’s and don’ts that will help you make the most of your social media presence.

DO Optimize Your Platform

Take the time to go make sure your page is optimized for the best perfor-mance. Design a page that creates a good impression and generates positive feelings to maximize the investment for you and your audience.

DO Plan Ahead

Create content ahead of time so that you have the time to create and post high-quality information. This will allow your content to develop naturally.

DO Post With a Purpose

Instead of posting for the sake of posting, create your content with a strategy and desired results in mind. When you know what your goal is, you can focus your content on achieving that goal.

DO Be Consistent

Scheduling your content will keep you consistent in terms of when and how often you are posting. You can adjust this as you see fit, based on what you determine to be the most popular days and times.

DO Watch Your Insights

Consistently check platform metrics. The insights from your content performance, including reach, engagement, and demographics, can provide essential feedback for future success.

DO Learn From Your Followers

Listen to what your followers have to say. Their questions, comments, and requests can help shape how you provide information.

DO Deliver Varied Content

Your audience will have a preference as to how they receive information. By providing a variety of content—such as text, photos, graphics, or videos—you can appeal to many tastes.

DO Be Clear About Your Marketing Message

Be clear about the message you want to deliver with your content. It should align with your content and the results you want.

DON’T Post Generic Content

If you want people to follow your social media pages, give them content that is unique to you and your pharmacy.

DON’T Post Low-Quality Content

Content must catch the eye of your audience; post high-quality photos, graphics, and videos that represent your pharmacy well.

DON’T Ignore Engagement

When your followers take the time to engage with your content, take the time to respond.

DON’T Leave Your Page Unmonitored

Protect your page: Trolls and bots will target it with inappropriate comments, engagements, and links that spam your followers. Keep your followers safe by monitoring your page.

DON’T Post Information That Is Not HIPAA-Compliant

You must check every piece of informa-tion you post—be it a photo, a video background, or a success story—to keep all content HIPPA-compliant.

DON’T Post in Haste

Think before you post. Take the time to analyze your page’s content and its potential eff ect on your audience.

DON’T Hide What Makes Your Pharmacy Unique

Spotlight your pharmacy’s values, products, services, staff , and how you show up for your patients and community.

DON’T Underestimate Your Social Media Opportunities

Your pharmacy’s social media platforms can be used as a marketing tool to expand your reach, educate your community, and convert your followers into customers and patients.

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