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Sportalis is a platform to post and search for a job in the fitness sector

Although there is currently a wide range of virtual job search platforms, few specialize in a specific area of ​​knowledge or in a particular productive sector. For this reason, the digital directory of the sports, health and well-being sector Sportalis has decided to include in its benefits a section so that companies and professionals can publish their job applications and boost recruitment in the sector.

Such has been its success that recognized gym chains They have hired a good part of their staff through this portal, becoming a good example for other companies to access the services offered by this platform.

Job postings at Sportalis

Companies only have to register in the Sportalis database and purchase a subscription package that includes recruitment management for your organization. The Sportalis support team reviews the subscription request and compares it with the supports and certificates sent by each sports center; In this way, you can corroborate the information provided and ensure that the applicant represents a reputable and trustworthy company of the sector of fitness, health, well-being and leisure. After this, a profile is created in which the basic information of the organization is included and the particularities of the job to be offered are described. Finished this step, the platform is responsible for massively disseminating the ad and positioning the offer so that it can be analyzed by people who are looking for a job in this sector.

Thanks to this, hundreds of gyms and sports training centers have been able to include suitable professionals in their staff with whom they have taken their services to the next level. For professionals and workers in the sector, this platform has also served as a springboard for achieving their employment goals, thanks to the fact that they can access more and better employment opportunities. Gym chains have considered that the platform is an excellent opportunity to hire quality professionals, which is why they have relied on this platform to expand their workforce.

An opportunity for companies in the sports sector and for professionals

Those interested should only access the page Web of Sportalis, register your profile and update your subscription to publish the job ads you need, thus improving conditions and optimizing your corporate processes. Likewise, professionals who are looking for a job only need to review the published ads and formalize their application directly on the platform.

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