Spring Hill Fire Department partners with Ready Rebound to enhance firefighter fitness, performance

SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) — A new partnership is forming that will help improve firefighters’ health in Spring Hill.

The Spring Hill Fire Department will partner with Ready Rebound, a company that uses cutting edge technology and research to help with preventative and injury recovery programs.

“(We use) a 3D motion analysis of each individual firefighter, and then based on that information, we actually take that data, push that over to an app, and create an exercise program for that individual,” said Dr. Trent Nessler.

Nessler is the senior vice president of Ready Rebound and said their company works primarily with first responders.

“We cover about 300 departments across the U.S.” he said.

Spring Hill Fire Chief Graig Temple heard about the company and reached out with hopes this could benefit his firefighters.

“We’re trying to identify the predictive value of potential injuries to any of our firefighting staff,” he said.

Temple said this new measure will be added on top of their annual physical and cancer prevention practices.

“Our firefighters are truly athletes when they come to work,” he said. “They have to go from zero to 100 miles an hour as soon as the bell rings, so we’re trying to provide them with as much preventative maintenance as possible.”

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Vessler said on top of every firefighter undergoing an in person 3D movement assessment, they will also gain access to their app which offers personalized exercise programs tailored to their needs.

“The measurements that we do have a direct correlation not only to muscular skeletal injury risk, but overall life safety,” he said.

Right now, the Spring Hill Fire Department is the only agency in Middle Tennessee to utilize this program.

Temple said they have allocated money from their budget to fund this.

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