Stacey Solomon opens up on ‘addiction’ amid ongoing health and fitness journey

Stacey Solomon has opened up about her gym journey saying she has “plucked up the courage” amid her ongoing health and fitness kick. The BBC Sort Your Life Out star has been keeping herself busy by working out in her home gym at Pickle Cottage in Essex.

But Stacey, 33, has opened up to fans about she asked her personal trainer sister to help, reports Birmingham Live. “GYM TIME,” Stacey wrote. “Lots of you asking for gym updates. I have been going almost every day.

“At this point I am a little addicted. I don’t want to stop and lose how hard I have worked. I squeeze it in whenever I can. I finally plucked up the courage to ask my biggest sister to help me. She is an actual trainer and it may sound silly because she is my sister and I bloody love her but I didn’t want to ask her until I had got myself to the point where I felt stronger.

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“She has been amazing – I’ll get together on my Instagram Story to say hi next time she is here.” In a later video, Stacey added: “I am now at Stansted Airport and I am lonely because I am on my own. Loads of you have been asking ‘oh my God, I didn’t realise you had another sister, where have you been hiding her’?”

Stacey said: “She is actually my step sister but I never call her that. We grew up together. Altogether there’s seven of us – one step sister, two step brothers, my brother and sister, and then I have a half-brother. I would never call them my steps – that feels weird. We grew up brothers and sisters. You may have seen her before on my Story – but years ago.

“She is so funny. The gate is really full and people are looking at me like a freak – because I’ve pressed my phone on a random bollard I found. There’s a man eating a pack of crisps staring at me. I’ll see you in Scotland! Happy Monday everyone.”

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