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Swollen, prominent or inflamed belly due to stress: what to do to reduce it

Our bodies are unique and diverse, and so are our bellies. Each one of them has its particularities, and it is important to understand that there is no perfect way.

There are many factors that can alter your estheticsuch as pregnancy, stress or poor digestion, so getting a flat abdomen can become a great challenge.

Today we are going to see the different belly types that exist and their characteristics:

Swollen or distended belly

This belly is related to fluid retention, gas or poor digestion. It is important to pay attention to food and adopt good healthy habits.

Avoid processed foods, rich in salt and refined sugars, and bet on fresh foods, rich in fiber and healthy fats.

prominent belly

It is characterized by excess fat in the abdominal area, normally associated with an inactive lifestyle and an unhealthy diet.

It is necessary to work strength exercises with cardiovascular exercises to burn fat in general (remember that it is not possible to eliminate localized fat), in addition to having a healthy and balanced diet.

Swollen belly due to stress

It is characterized by being hard and prominent in the area from the diaphragm to the navel, normally caused by bad habits and the stressso more fat accumulates in the abdominal area.

Some practices such as yoga or meditation can help you manage the stressas well as getting enough sleep and exercising regularly.

And obviously, if you have just given birth, you would have a postpartum belly, which is characterized by having a bulging belly in the lower area.

How should the abdomen be worked?

He abdominal work It should not only be done consciously during training, but we should also involve it in activities of daily living.

It’s as easy as keeping a proper posture at all times:

– Shoulders back.

– Lengthen your spine (as if someone were pulling your head with a string).

– Chest raised.

– Abdomen slightly contracted, bringing your navel up, as if it were an imaginary zipper.

The best exercises for the abdomen

Patry Jordán, practicing hypopressive exercises.

Hypopressive: Exercises that focus on the deep muscles of the core and pelvic floor. They help strengthen the core, improve posture, reduce intra-abdominal pressure… among many other benefits.

Isometrics: a static position without movement is maintained. Example: Plank, dynamic planks, side plank, V-Sit…

Isometric exercises performed by Patry Jordán.
Dmoore Agency

We also have the crunch or traditional abs, which although they also work the abdomen, excessively curve the spine, which can cause lumbar ailments. In addition, they can cause a lot of cervical tension and if we don’t do them well, they can even be dangerous.

So, you have already seen that it is important to become aware of your abdomen during your day to day, keeping it strong and active. And if you want to reduce abdominal fat, remember that you must reduce body fat in general, combining strength exercises with cardio exercises.

This is Patry Jordan

She is one of the most recognized virtual Spanish athletes and coaches nationally and internationally with her training platform GymVirtual. Since 2016, he has abandoned his job in the gym to dedicate himself exclusively to his more than 12 million subscribers on Youtube and 3 million in instagram, offering their training for free. To this day, the creator of Gymvirtual boasts of being the first woman and the only one in her category to collect the ‘Diamond Button’ on YouTube. She has launched training programs and has written several books: ‘Girls’ Secrets. My beauty ideas to shine every day’, ‘I can handle everything’ and ‘Patry Jordán’s veggie challenge’.

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