Fitness Freak Mark Wahlberg Saved Security Guard from Depression With 2 Minute Conversation: “I wanted to be like him”

Mark Wahlberg has won many hearts with his incredible movies and acting talent. The 52-year-old actor is now a big inspiration to many people. He is definitely one of the most talented actors but he is also very kind and generous with the people around him.

Mark Wahlberg at an event

Once the Uncharted actor changed a man’s life with a simple pep talk. Wahlberg’s words motivated the man to chase his dream when he was working on the sets of his movie.

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Mark Wahlberg’s pep talk motivated a man to chase his dream to become an actor 

Mark Wahlberg at an event
Mark Wahlberg at an event

A common man’s chance encounter with Mark Wahlberg came to light when he revealed how the Ted actor inspired him to pursue his dream. Jamie Humphrey was working as a security guard on the sets of the 52-year-old actor’s movie Infinite. Humphrey opened up about how his life changed after having a 2-minute conversation with Wahlberg. During an interview, the man recalled his conversation with the Shooter actor, he said,

“I was working on a film set, guarding Mark Wahlberg’s trailer. I didn’t expect to actually meet him, but he stopped one day to talk to me. It was just a two-minute conversation but it ended up changing my life.” 

He further added,

“He stopped and asked me about myself and what my dreams were. I told him I wanted to be like him and to make money like him, that my dream since childhood was to be an actor. He said to me, ‘Well, what are you doing standing here?”

After talking to the actor, Humphrey realized his potential and started pursuing his acting career. Reportedly, he has been auditioning for many roles since he met the Mile 22 actor. 

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Mark Wahlberg once said going to church brought him to acting 

Mark Wahlberg at an event
Mark Wahlberg at an event

Just like Humphrey, the Me Time actor also felt lost at one point in his life. He grew up around drugs and thugs. During an interview, Wahlberg recalled how he was pulled towards acting. When the Four Brothers actor was 16 years old he was arrested for assaulting a shopkeeper. The Joe Bell actor was asked about his acting career and he responded by saying,

“Jail made me go to church and church eventually brought me to acting. So it was both of those things, and it was time as well, the passing of time.”

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Walhberg stated that he has hustled his entire life and has seen both good and bad days. The Broken City actor also exhorts the younger generation to complete their education. The 52-year-old actor is now a businessman as well. The actor and his brother, who is also a chef, started their burger chain in America and Canada.

Source: Independent; The Guardian

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