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Whether or not taller competitors have an edge in bodybuilding has long been debated. In a recent Prime Time Muscle episode, Terrick El Guindy shared with Chris Cormier why stature is overrated in bodybuilding. In addition, they discussed a possible battle between Andrew Jacked and Samson Dauda at 2023 Olympia. 

The currents of the Men’s Open division have been choppy and unpredictable lately. With Hadi Choopan and Derek Lunsford taking the No.1 and No. 2 spots on the 2022 Mr. Olympia stage, many have begun to question if the category is swaying to favor physiques with less size and more detail, shape, and symmetry. 

Following Mamdouh ‘Big Ramy’ Elssbiay‘s unceremonious drop to fifth place and the results of the 2023 Arnold Classic, El Guindy believes a new era of aesthetic bodybuilders is taking over the Open. This sentiment was also shared by 1990s standout Kevin Levrone. However, he believes Chris Bumstead is to thank for the rise of aesthetics in the Men’s Open. 

In Nov., Dauda plans to bring his best to dethrone Choopan. And while Andrew Jacked shares the same goal, he has yet to qualify for the upcoming Mr. Olympia show. He’s targeted the 2023 Texas Pro in mid-Aug. where he intends to defend his title from last year successfully. Given the similar statures of Dauda and Jacked, Cormier and El Guindy discussed a pobable showdown between the two. 

Terrick El Guindy Says Stature in Bodybuilding Is ‘Highly Highly Overrated’

While stature and height can be imposing, El Guindy argued it’s overrated as shorter athletes have found success in the Open such as Lunsford and Choopan. 

“This thing about stature… is highly highly overrated, highly overrated. I mean look at Hadi Choopan. He’s one of the shortest guys and he’s Mr. Olympia. Shaun Clarida out of all the 212s he’s possibly the shortest 212 and he is Mr. Olympia 212,” said Terrick El Guindy. 

“Listen a lot of people are talking about Chris Bumstead’s stature and how tall he is right now, well look at the history of the sport. The first Classic Physique champion was one of the shortest guys, Danny Hester. We move on to Breon Ansley, well what happened to the stature when Breon Ansley was beating Chris Bumstead? That wasn’t in play. It’s highly highly overrated.

It looks imposing on stage to look at a guy like Samson Dauda and Andrew Jacked but at the end of the day we’re judging the best bodybuilders and in this case, Hadi Choopan is the superior bodybuilder based on the 2022 Mr. Olympia,” said El Guindy. 

Derek Lunsford and Hadi Choopan are shorter than Nick Walker, Brandon Curry, Andrew Jacked, Big Ramy, Samson Dauda, Michal Krizo, Rafael Brandao, Iain Valliere and they are all placing ahead of them. I’m telling you right now, this height stuff is highly overrated.” 

Cormier added that Lee Haney looked taller than he actually was while competing at the height of his career. 

“Lee Haney made everyone look like children next to them and he wasn’t actually that tall but he appeared that way because he was so imposing. No [he wasn’t the tallest] but just the way his body looked,” said Cormier. 

Conspiracy Theories in Bodybuilding? Terrick El Guindy Says ‘Stop It Right Now’ 

El Guindy said there were conspiracies about who would win the 1998 Mr. Olympia. He added that there were rumors Big Ramy would win Olympia in 2013 and that never materialized either. 

“All the conspiracies, so many conspiracies that Ronnie was going to win the ninth Mr. Olympia, he didn’t. So many conspiracies, oh who is going to win the 1998 Mr. Olympia? Nobody had it in mind that it was going to be Ronnie Coleman. He came out of nowhere. Oh, Big Ramy wins the New York Pro in 2013 and doesn’t win the Olympia approximately 7-8 years shows up in shape and wins the 2020 Olympia. 

“Shawn Rhoden, nobody had him on the map winning against the supposed eight-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath so he could equal Ronnie Coleman and equal Lee Haney. It didn’t happen. Shawn Rhoden won. Stop it. Just stop it right now.” 

El Guindy & Cormier Compare Andrew Jacked vs Samson Dauda

Cormier gave Jacked credit for an extremely busy schedule and said if he adds 10-15 pounds he’ll have a ‘devastating physique.’ 

“His [Andrew Jacked’s] body of work over the rookie season. It’s a huge body of work. He hasn’t had an off-season, he’s been trying to improve body parts on the fly, trying to improve posing on the fly, he’s a great showmen is what I’ve noticed.”

“Talking to both Chris’s, he was in 293-ish area for Olympia but maybe 10 pounds lighter at the Arnold Classic. With the length of his arms and legs and everything, you’re going to see that difference. Even the muscle appeared a lot harder, you’re going to see the fullness,” said Cormier. “I feel like if he came with that same type of tightness but add another 10-15 pounds if you could, then that’s a devastating physique.” 

El Guindy emphasized that Andrew Jacked’s biggest enemy is Samson Dauda. He believes if Andrew was by himself on stage, he would have freak factor similar to Ronnie Coleman. 

“At the Olympia Samson gets the first call out. Samson Dauda goes into the Arnold and places ahead of him. First place and third place. Samson Dauda is tall, not as tall as Andrew Jacked but he possesses more muscle density than Andrew Jacked. Andrew Jacked I thought was more conditioned than Samson Dauda,” said El Guindy. 

“The biggest enemy for Andrew Jacked is Samson Dauda. He takes the impact away. If you see Andrew Jacked by himself, oh my God that’s the next coming of Ronnie Coleman. Then you bring Samson Dauda next to him and you go that’s kind of a Lee Haney-type of guy. If we didn’t have Samson Dauda, all of us would be betting on Andrew Jacked to dominate the business for the next 10 years.” 

Chris Cormier isn’t the only bodybuilding veteran keen on discussing Andrew Jacked’s future. Recently, Jay Cutler gave his thoughts on the topic as well. Considering the improvements Jacked made from the Olympia to the Arnold, he believes it’s possible he could shock the world, assuming he qualifies for the event. 

In the meantime, other top contenders are gearing up for their prep, like 2022 Olympia runner-up Derek Lunsford. He joined Hany Rambod on The Truth Podcast recently, where they discussed a number of topics including his progress, anxiety, and dealing with depression. 

It remains to be seen if taller competitors truly have an advantage over their counterparts. Though El Guindy and Cormier agree if Andrew adds more tissue, he’ll be a dangerous threat to anyone on the Olympia stage, even the champion. 

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You can watch the full Olympia TV YouTube video below: 

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