The Body Coach Joe Wicks’ 5 top tips for making 2023 your fittest, healthiest year ever | Fitness tips of the day

I love Joe Wicks. Everyone’s favourite Body Coach had helped millions around the globe power through the lockdown and helped keep our spirits high when things were the most uncertain. PE with Joe was one of the few things I looked forward to watching every morning in 2020, eagerly waiting for the fitness guru to make a live appearance on Youtube. Hence, it feels so special to share Joe’s top five tips for making 2023 your fittest, healthiest year ever.

Joe is as busy as he’s ever been, but that doesn’t stop him from sharing his wisdom with the readers of T3. Using the below tips, you can get fit and stay fit in 2023 with ease – I know I will certainly use them! For more ways to get fit, check out T3’s articles on how to lose weight, 5 easy strategies to get fit if you’re lazy, and how to restart a fitness routine (or get started for the first time).

1. Let’s get moving

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