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The four best exercises for a good AMRAP workout

The AMRAP is a training mode that falls within the HIT, that is, exercises with high intensity intervals. The main difference with crossfit is that in AMRAP exercises the objective is to do as many repetitions as possible in a given time. For this, the important thing is to choose, before starting, specific AMRAP exercises (look for those that focus on the part of the body that you most want to train that day) that you will repeat throughout the sporting activity that day.

It is recommended for people who have good resistance and who want to complete their training in a short time.

These are the best exercises for a good AMRAP workout

  • squats (10 repetitions)
  • Skipping with a rope (20 repetitions)
  • Burpees, that is, going from squatting to a plank and from there a standing jump (5 repetitions)
  • Pushups (10 repetitions)

What benefits does AMRAP have?

  • Great fat loss. Like any high intensity exercise, the AMRAP is recommended to target body fat. Reason? Because it takes the body to a great effort and, to be able to assume it, your muscles will have to resort to the energy that fat gives.
  • Increases cardiovascular and muscular endurance. And, it does it at the same time. In most exercises, these are exercised separately. The AMRAP style allows you to combine exercises that help improve the resistance of both.
  • Little time for good results. The stress of many people’s lives means that there is not always the necessary time to train. If you are one of those athletes who cannot allocate an hour a day to training, this modality will be very useful for you.
  • You notice the progress quickly. Remember that these AMRAP exercises are hard and require a lot of effort. And that will make you notice the progress, as long as you train daily or almost. For yourself to know if you can handle more, gradually add one more round than in the previous days. If you succeed, it is that you are improving your abilities. Feeling how you are improving helps you increase your motivation and self-esteem.
  • mental resistance. These exercises are done with pressure. They are strong and hard and you will put your body to the limit. And, if you are getting it, thanks to the fact that your mind is going to tell you not to give up, your emotional strength will benefit.

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