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the four products that have had the same price for years despite inflation – NBC Miami (51)

The inflation that began two years ago has affected the prices of most of the products that are consumed in the United States.

However, some products and services have maintained their prices despite the rise in inflation.

We tell you about four products/services that have maintained their prices, according to a report CNBC:

AriZona Cold Tea has managed to keep its price at 99 cents per can.

“As long as we can, we will maintain our price,” AriZona founder and director Don Vultaggio told CNBC Make it.

For 30 years, consumers have enjoyed a variety of flavors of the 23-ounce drink while the company has kept the price fairly affordable.

The diversity in flavors is what makes price maintenance possible since, according to Vultaggio, instead of increasing the prices of a product, the company focuses on offering more products at a low price.

Hot Wheels collectible cars $1 have been sold at that price since they appeared on the market, 55 years ago.

If you look at inflation, a new Hot Wheels is cheaper now than it was in 1968.

These collectible cars cost 59 cents when they were released, which would be $5 at today’s prices.

Today you can buy a Hot Wheels for $1.29 at Target.

Costco’s hot dog and soda combo continues at $1.50.

Few companies can promise to never raise the price of a product. And it is precisely what Costco has done with this combo, especially during these years with inflation.

The food has drawn particular attention following an article in Mental Floss where Costco co-founder Jim Senegal told company CEO Craig Jelinek: “if you raise the price of m’s hot dog… I’ll kill you.” ”.

Planet Fitness Membership continues to $10 per month.

Finding a place to stay in good shape can be tricky these days, when some places charge as much as $30 for a class.

But the Planet Fitness chain has managed to attract its customers thanks to the low price of its basic membership.

No matter where you are in the United States, you can access Planet Fitness’s more than 2,500 locations for $10 a month for basic service, which customers can upgrade by paying a little more.

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