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The wall exercise that DOES lift the bust after 50

Have the firm bust after 50 it is possible with only an easy exercise What can you do from home? Forget those routines full of jumps that hurt the knees. This training must be done on the wall! So put on comfortable clothes and look for the wall of your house with the best possibility to exercise without any furniture getting in the way. We tell you how to achieve a firm bust.

Do this exercise to lift the bust at 50

To implement this routine you need 2 dumbbells, which you can replace with 2 bottles of water or seeds. What matters is that the weight is equivalent. Get down on the floor and stick your back to the wall. When sitting for at least 20 minutes, we suggest placing a rug of exercise or a light blanket so that the cold of the floor does not hurt you.

Step 1

  • Paste the back down
  • fold the knees
  • grab one dumbbell with each hand
  • You should always stay with the firm back and above all, remember that strength must be focused on the chest
Exercise to lift the bust | YouTube / @abuelafitperu

Step 2

  • Extend your arms holding the dumbbells or bottles
  • Your arms should be straight throughout the exercise, that is, do not bend your elbows
Raise the bust in this way | YouTube / @abuelafitperu

Step 3

  • Extends the arms to the sides
  • Keep them up to the shoulders
  • Close the arms as in step #2
  • Repeat step #2 and #3 for 3 sets of 12 repetitions
Wall exercise to lift the bust | YouTube / @abuelafitperu

This exercise is perfect for lift the bust after 50 because it mainly works the upper body, strengthening the chest. Do it at least 3 times a week to notice changes in a short time.

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